Monday, May 20, 2013

Ate (Ah-teh) Smart

Here are some pictures of Sister (Ate) Smart her last day in Yakima.
We miss her already (even though she technically doesn't enter the MTC until Wednesday, she and my parents left this morning for Utah).

Cole is so excited for Aunt D to be a missionary. If you ask him where he is going, he almost always says "Peru."

We snuck in a Jordan family pic. I'm 19 1/2 weeks which means I'm pretty much halfway.

Sister Smart gave a fabulous farewell talk in church about love/atonement. 
She shocked us all with her maturity as she delivered such an inspirational message.
No doubt she's going to kill it out there in the mission field.

Plus, she's a total Betty. 
Cutest sister missionary in San Pablo for sure.

We took one last sister pic.
(We were even able to go to the temple as sisters last week in Portland. It was awesome.)

We missed Shea, but he is making the big bucks in Indiana, so we're proud of him too.

The kiddos with their favorite Aunt D.


Ally and D. 
If you ask Ally where she is going on her mission she says, "To the penguins." Which means Orsorno, Chile (where Aunt Chi Chi went).

Deeds and Ev.

A few weeks ago before Shea left for Indiana, Darel went through the temple. Our entire immediate family was able to be together for that, which was really special.

So excited to finally go get dinner.

Darc and Brent were still tan from their trip to the Caribbean. 

Nick and I were still pasty white from our life in Eugene.

Sibs forever.

Yeah, D!

The D's.


I'm super depressed that Darel is gone, but can't wait for her to have such an amazing experience out there. She will be a fantastic missionary and we're all proud of her decision to serve a mission.
We are sure going to miss her inappropriate dancing and ridiculous comments, but we all know she's made the right choice. Plus, I've already invited myself to go with my parents to pick her up in San Pablo, so I can spend the next 18 months planning my vacation.

We miss you D!

Please ignore the naked child in this picture.


Darrell said...

Ate Smart will be awesome. The pics are great thx!

Rachey Elder said...

I am going to miss her inappropriate dance moves more than anyone! I might have to ask for one last going away dance tomorrow night at dinner. That is awesome you could all go to the temple with her. How special:) And as for being half way, you are looking way good sista! You're still tiny and I love all of your outfits!

MaryJane said...

Love all the pictures. What a beautiful family. Especially love the pics of Daryl and the kids. And when did Shay get so big? Oh, and where are you keeping that 17 1/2 week baby? You look great!

Darcee said...

I hadn't seen any of these! Fun to relive our last memories with lil d before she left. Miss that crazy girl! I still can't believe you're so far along. you're rockin it Syd! Lucky is lucky for lots of reasons...not least of which is being your daughter.

Saimi said...

Oh Syd, your post made me smile all the way through, but the naked sweetie made me laugh!

Love you guys!