Thursday, June 13, 2013


Sometimes I forget how awesome summer is. Then it comes around and we spend the majority of our days swimming and eating popsicles and I remember how much I've missed it. We have been quite reclusive the past few weeks (hence the lack of blogging - I just haven't felt like it!). We've been invited to hang out with friends and do lots of things, but we just seem to prefer being home lately and I can't lie, its been nice to just swim and relax with Ev everyday. 
She won't do ANYTHING else but go outside in Grandma's backyard and play/swim. I've tried to bribe her to do other things, but leaving the house means taking her swimsuit off and leaving the pool and she refuses to do so. I should mention that the filter in my parents pool is broken and Ev doesn't actually "swim." She is terrified of the water and won't go in past the first or second step even if I hold her. But she is just as happy throwing pool toys and dive sticks in and then demanding, "Mommy, jump." (I then go retrieve whatever she's thrown in and we repeat) She loves exploring Grandpa's garden and we spend almost everyday enjoying the nice weather.
Plus Aunt Chi-Chi has been here and she is hands down Ev's favorite person right now. Chels got a new job last week and had to leave us and Ev has spent the first ten minutes of each day looking for her all over the house. 
"Where Chi-Chi go?"
"Hey Chi-Chi!"
"I go with Chi-Chi."
"I play Chi-Chi."
She always has the saddest face when she realizes that its another day she won't see her Aunt Chi-Chi.
In other words, Chi-Chi ... come baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!
JK, we are happy you have a super cool job now.

I kind of love that there is nothing that exciting to report in our lives. I know swimming and playing outside isn't that interesting to read about, but I'm loving our summer so far. I've watched practically no TV and I've already read five books. We just have simple, fun days and I'm going to be sad when we have to get back into real life. 

The only negative to us being reclusive and boring is that I've taken pretty much no pictures this summer. I'm trying to be better, but I just don't feel like sticking a camera in my kid's face all the time. It was easier when she was little. She looked right at me! Now she runs away screaming, "Nooooo cheese mom!"

Okay, so we have done a few things this summer.
Ev got her first pedicure.

She LOVED it. I think she was mostly excited about sitting in a "kitty" chair and eating snacks.

She sat with Chi-Chi while she got "pink toes."
She picked the color and then asked for a "flower too," when she saw that everyone else had flowers on their toes.


She keeps asking to get blue toes now. 
I kind of love that she liked it because I've never tried painting her toenails or fingernails before. It just always seemed impractical and I hated the idea of pinning her down and making her do it unwillingly. Little did I know she would love it.

Her hair is still curly. She gets many compliments on it and people are constantly ask me if I curl it. I usually laugh because if you know me and "doing hair," you would know that is the most ridiculous question ever. I'm always begging my mom or sister to do Ev's hair for me - bad mom I know.

When Ev gets up from her nap she always wants to put her swimsuit back on and go outside. I usually make her wait until Nick gets home and they go outside together and hang out.

It's pretty cute.

She's really into making faces lately. She always wants me to copy the face she's making.

Ev is still Miss Chatty Cathy. Full-on sentences. I can't believe how much this girl talks. ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Heaven help me in ten years.

Nick is working hard, but has found time to climb Mt. Hood so far this summer. I hope he can squeeze a few more adventures in before the summer is over and he has to get back to the grind.

Besides reading and swimming with Ev, I spend most days getting chubbier. I can't really complain though - I get to do so while laying poolside, which is pretty darn rad. I've also been helping my dad make bouquets from flowers in our garden.
You should see our peonies! They are unreal.

Typical Sunday night bouquet round.

Petunia Boy and his pals.

So in a nutshell? Our lives are simple these days, but we are loving it. Our diets consist of popsicles and pretzels, but we don't mind. We do have some fun things planned for later this summer, but for now we are just enjoying our lazy days. 


Alix said...

Lazy summers are the best! Wishing I could just sit by the pool all day and read! Maybe someday. :) So glad you guys are enjoying your summer. Can't wait to see you in a month!

MaryJane said...

I loved this post. A.d I love summer! Have a great one!

MaryJane said...

I loved this post. A.d I love summer! Have a great one!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Hahah I love it. I feel you girl on the you don't look pregnant comments. So you are saying that my gaining 20 pounds still makes me look like myself ? Oh great that's awesome. Ev is such a diva. I love it! Her and Vi will be great friends because Vi already has some serious sass. I really hope we get to see you guys soon!!

MaryJane said...

Hmmm...I see my post posted twice. You know what they say, third time's the charm! So inquiring blog lurkers want to know...where & what is Chelsey's new job?

Rachey Elder said...

The level of Ev getting a pedicure in that Hello Kitty chair is just over the top! And your dad's flowers are unreal! So freaking gorg! I'm a jealous woman.

Rachey Elder said...

Sorry, the level of cuteness! My comments never make sense.

Sydney said...

Mary Jane, Chelsea got a job with OHSU in their public health department. She runs a quality control program for their ER. I keep bugging to post about her new job...I hope she does soon!

MaryJane said...

Like in Oregon? How perfect is that!

Sydney said...

Yes in Portland! Like twenty minutes from Darcee. We are all jealous!

Darrell said...

I love the four seasons, but there's something special about summer.