Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Table For Four

Today is our wedding anniversary. Yowza!
After four years, I can honestly say I'm still 100% confident in the choice I made. Nick is the cat's meow and even though I legitimately want to strangle him nightly when he wakes me up with his snoring, he is still the guy the for me. Yay us!


I'm pregnant!

But before I elaborate, I should probably clarify that the title "Table For Four," is just plain wishful. Nick and I don't eat out at all, especially in restaurants because A) its expensive, and B) we have a child. Children and restaurants don't mix in my opinion. If I'm going to spend money eating out, I'd prefer it to be on something I can enjoy quietly and while its hot.

That said, who knows? Maybe "two, a booster and a highchair," will roll off my tongue once Snickerdoodle #2 arrives. Maybe having two children will bolster my sense of adventure (I already feel like it has!) and wrestling two children while stuffing my face will seem like child's play. Or maybe... having more than one child will rock my world and I'll never leave my house again, because I'm going to be honest, two children sounds like A LOT OF CHILDREN. Anything more than what I have sounds like a doozy, but I'm ridiculously excited to be bedoozled by another adorable baby.

I'm pretty sure everyone in the world already thinks I'm pregnant. At least it feels that way. I feel like people are always "waiting" for you to announce another baby once you already have one. Its like you get sick or have a rough day and people assume its morning sickness when your baby is four months old. Then your baby is 18 months and people raise their eyebrows if you had a big lunch and you're wearing a tight shirt. Then your child approaches two and people straight up ask. Then your kid turns two and people TELL YOU that you should have another baby.

Then you punch them in the face and secretly chuckle to yourself because you are pregnant but you're just not going to tell them because they don't deserve to know because they actually told you when you should be intimate with your spouse in hopes of producing offspring.

Three things that I should warn people about when I am pregnant:
1) I'm super sassy (like even sassier than normal)
2) I'm super territorial (DON'T TOUCH MY FOOD)
3) I will probably say something rude if you give me unsolicited advice related to my pregnancy

Even though I sound like a grumpy old lady, I am so thrilled to be having another baby. I'm so excited to expand our family and see Ev become a sister. In fact, that's all I've really thought about - how this baby will change Ev's life, rather than how it will change mine. I feel like it makes it easier to keep a secret. I know a little bit of what to expect, plus I'm busy with another child, so I'm not bursting to tell everyone I know instantly. That said, I have wanted to tell everybody, especially my friends and family who are pregnant as well. It was hard not to shout, "Me too!" when six of my friends (AND RACHEL SMART) announced they were pregnant on Facebook, but I've had some minor complications that increased my chance of miscarriage (even after the 1st trimester was over), so we just wanted to be sure.

I'm almost 17 weeks and feeling pretty good. Still dealing with some weird stuff, but my midwives/OB who reviews my ultrasounds are confident that things will be fine.

I'm due October 12th, which is silly because we all know that due dates mean nothing. They changed my due date with Ev four times and I didn't have her on any of the dates they thought. One thing I do know, is that I will be getting another prenatal massage to put me into labor since it worked so well last time.
I'm not going to post any belly pics because I don't currently have anything to show but some legit muffin top - unless you're into that sort of thing, or you're having a bad day and need to feel better about yourself. I'm happy to be a friend and post an unflattering picture of me since we all know I have no shame.

Speaking of unflattering, I actually haven't craved anything sweet. In fact, dessert never appeals to me. (I was this way with Ev as well) All I ever want is SALT (Which probably explains why I retain SO MUCH FREAKIN WATER when I'm pregnant) - chips and salsa, cheese, crackers, popcorn etc. I do drink a gallon of orange juice a week and pound the fresh fruit and cold cereal, but besides that, its almost always something salty. And I never crave the same thing for more than a week. I eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner for about a week and then move on to new things.

Gross cravings I've had:
Cheddar goldfish and chocolate milk simultaneously
Raisin Bran
Spanish rice (not the homemade kind, but the kind you buy at the store - Rice-A-Roni, disgusting I know)
Grapes (this probably doesn't sound that gross, but I ate an ENTIRE Costco container of red grapes in THREE days. I ate cheese and grapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week)
Saltines and Sprite (also weird since I know every pregnant woman hates these things. And I did too, when I forced to eat them constantly from weeks 7-12, but last week I just thought, "Man, some saltines and a diet Sprite sound pretty tasty right now.")

And while I'm not thrilled to be doubling my chin rolls this summer, I am honestly elated that we're adding to the fam (I'm also elated that my nausea has subsided)* and I hope my complaining doesn't over shadow how grateful I am to be pregnant.

Also, there are probably a million typos in this post, but I never re-read what I type and plus if I did my pregnancy brain would skip over all of the mistakes anyway.

*Growing a human is exhausting but awesome.

And a pic of Ev for good measure.


Cassie said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats! I am so excited to meet the new snickerdoodle, you guys make the most adorable kids. :) And Kylie can be best buds with both of them!

Mindy said...

Congratulations! This post is too funny! You gotta love pure honest sassiness when your pregnant, my sister is going through the same thing right now and I love her stories. Live it up while you can(;

Amanda Jeffs said...

Yay! Congrats! Can't wait to see how beautiful your new baby will be!

Alix said...

Ahhh so excited for you guys! You are hilarious and I love you!

Ben & Cassie said...

Congrats lady!!!!! O you guys know what you are having? Hope you are feeling good!

Maureen and Nathan said...

Yay yay yay!! Congratulations!! So happy for you! I was such a wacko when I was pregnant. Seriously, so crazy. But it's so worth it in the end! Hooray for you guys!

Tara Hibbard said...

Yay! So excited for you guys!

S.A.R. said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys! That is such great news!

Kate Magleby said...

Yayayaya!!! Right when I saw your post title I was hopeful that you'd be announcing a pregnancy!! Congratulations!!!!!

jennica said...


oh and i totally get about the whole assuming thing. i'm only 23 and when people find out i have been married for 3 years in utah, they are like... no kids??!!! im like.. im a little baby still! ha. ok love you to death. and SO excited for you! someday can we talk on the phone? or get your butt to utah to visit me!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And the part about people wondering when you will be preggo was hilariously true!

Rachey Elder said...

OH MY HECKA!!!! I can't not tell you how excited I am! We are only 2 days apart! I know due dates mean nothing, they have changed mine from twice. But at my last appt it was the 10th! How freaking fun is this??? We totally planned it... that's what I'm telling people. I cannot wait to see another beautiful Snickerdoodle. Ev is going to be a darling big sis too. I'm glad you are feeling better too. Nausea plain sucks. Also, try living in UT, the questions are non stop. Seriously when Pearl was like 5 months I literally had several people ask when we were having another! I'm seriously so stoked for you though/a little embarrassed I announced my pregnancy 3 months ago :)

Mary said...

Congratulations! This is very happy news! McKay is going to be so excited... seriously, I think she wants to steal Evie.

shelly said...

I am TOTALLY THRILLED for you, Nick & Evie!

Ashley and Zach Smart said...

Awww!!! SOooo fun! You guys have the cutest babies so I am so excited for another one to be born! Congrats!!!!

danielle said...

Congrats Sydney! I just caught up on your blog and obsessed with how sassy your little girl is! You can even see her personality in pictures and I love it! Hope all is well

Krystal Ann said...

Yay! This is wonderful news! Can't wait to see what this darling is going to look like (since you obviously make the cutest kids)

Darrell said...

Woohoo! I guess I don't need to remind you what an awesome name Darrell/Darel is?!

Darcee said...

The "golden womb" does not disappoint. I hate you and love you for that. Truly cannot wait for you to add another baby to our crew. Ally needs another chick to "mother-hen" and Cole needs another pupil to soak in his vast knowledge and wisdom.

Lori Moody said...

Congrats Syd! So excited for you guys! And cheese was a staple for me when I was pregnant with Eliza - that and pizza...I couldn't get enough! So I fully support your crazy eatings!