Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yakima's Finest, Part 1

I know a lot of people think Yakima is lame.
I just think those people are haters.

Cuz Yakima is the bombdizzle.

There is stuff to do ... you just have to look harder than everywhere else.
The Portland Zoo came to us, so we decided to show them Yakima's "zoo."
AKA feeding the ducks at Randall Park.

*I apologize for the quality of pictures. I'm still learning how to use the camera. Pretty much every photo is overexposed. Workin' on it.

Aunt D and the Evster.

Ally and Coley.


Cole ALWAYS wears his sunglasses and hat when he is outside to protect him from the sun. 
(He's from Portland, remember?)


Scary geese. I used the lens to get this close. I was too afraid to get near that thing.

These two are the best of buds. They scoot/sit everywhere together. Keith kept saying, "Here Evie, take this bread. You can give it to the ducks." Evie responded by saying nothing and then stuffing the frozen bread in her mouth. See? BFFS.

The "coolest" Smart sister for sure:

Keith as usual, was the bravest of everyone and actually took "A Walk Among the Birds."
(I wrote both Tina Fey and Steve Carell asking them for a copy of the book and neither has responded yet.)

Cole's new thing: "Belly!"
Yeah, its weird.

Feeding ducks makes one hungry.
So we headed to the Yakima Malt Shoppe! Ice Cream, milkshakes, and sandwiches for everyone.

Dad and Nick were able to sneak away from work and meet us.


A typical (and nasty) photoshoot of D and me.

If our kids inherit Nick's jumping ability that would be awesome.

And we accomplished all of this by noon! Pretty good for four kids who all nap I'd say.
Part 2 is going to blow your minds! 
Probably not, but there will be cute photos of da kids.

*Side note: A little outside of Yakima there is a convenient store called "Da Stor." We laugh so hard every time we pass it. Scrubby? Probably. But you've got to give them props for their creativity.

Yakima rocks!


Cassandra Worthington said...

I love Yakima as well. I actually have been there for the past week...kind of a long and very sad story that you may have started to hear through the grapevine...but anyways, the whole time I was there I was struck by how much I love that stupid little town with it's great sunshine and friendly people. I definitely could live there for life. Your fam looks adorable. I think I'll be visiting Yak a lot this summer so I would looooovee to meet up at Franklin or the Malt Shoppe one day and meet your baby :)

Emma said...

That cannot be Evie. She is HUGE! How did she age 2 years? We've only been apart for 2 months.

Melinda said...

Ok, so you have to know that we love coming to visit Yakima. I am sure it has something to do with those who live there that we enjoy it so much too. We are so excited to be there in a month that Chelsea and I have nicknamed our visit. The same week we come to babysit Evie is the same week Jillian is going to EFY at BYU Provo. Chelsea and I decided we are also going to EFY - Especially for Yakima! Looking so forward to it...and we will have to go feed the birds!

Darrell said...

Yakivegas rocks, but never more than when family is home.