Sunday, May 13, 2012

Word to Your Mother

I love Mother's Day - even more so now that I'm a mom. I don't care for the word feminist, especially in today's context, but I do love a day when womanhood is celebrated and I'm told how awesome I am. Yeah, baby! Nick and Evie made me feel so loved all day and I'm grateful for days like today.

My sister is in town visiting/babysitting Evie so we can pack up and head to Yakima. It has been so fun having her here. Proof that she'll be a good mom someday:


Tara Hibbard said...

You look so cute in all of these pictures! Hott mama alert! Happy Mother's day Syd!

Rachey Elder said...

Hot mama alert is right! You look so dang cute in that dress. I love it! You are a great mom to Ev, you learned from the best! Love you all!

Cassandra Worthington said...

Happy Mother's Day Syd! You look so beautiful and I loooveee your dress!