Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just Dance

I spent a portion of last week at the Portland Zoo with my favorite yahoos. I have yet to upload any pictures from my time there and in lieu of Flashback Friday here is a semi-old video of The Face doing what she does best - being cray-cray. While I am certain our entire family is grateful that Ally's middle name is not Grace, she is simply adored by all who can't help but stare at her gorgeous face. Enjoy:

And anyone who knows the Real Kardsashians would know that if one Kardashy is dancing, they all are. At least the ones who've still got the moves. You're welcome, Kendall:


Rachey Elder said...

Not gonna lie probably my favorite post of all time! You got moves sista! I love how you're dancing for your fam:) I was seriously laughing so hard at their commentary too. I love when your mom said, "you sound just like Rick." I don't know if she's talking about the Ricker, but it totally is something he'd say and definitely encourage!

P.S. Ally is so cute and seems pretty coordinated!

Sydney said...

Rach - There is NO OTHER Rick. Ricker is the only one of his kind! Of course my mom is talking about him. I guess pride in one's children runs in the family. And Darel is dancing, not me! I guess good looks run in the fam too.

Rachey Elder said...

Ha ha oh my heck! I seriously thought it was you! I didn't know Darel had it in her! ha ha, so funny!