Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flashback Friday on Saturday

I'm filling in for Syd on this Flashback Friday post, as she is throwing yet another amazing bridal shower extravaganza. I really should have posted this yesterday and I have no excuse other than I finished my last final of my 1L year of law school and I decided to go fishing and watch a complete basketball game (commercials included) instead of fulfilling my responsibilities of continuing the Flashback Friday tradition that the those far and wide have come to expect. Nation, this brings me to the main attraction of this Flashback Friday. Call me lazy, conceded, or just plain fearful of posting pictures of others, it matters not. What matters is the fact that right now in my heart I feel like the child featured below who just learned summer break has begun. Sure I actually have responsibilities and the ever-present fear of how my grades will turn out this semester will lurk around in my brain for the next few months, but right now, at least just for today, I am going to walk around without a shirt, eat a cookie, put stickers on myself, dream about swimming with whales, and pretend I hit the game winner home run for the Dodgers. Until tomorrow, I am young again.


sheila said...

You have hit the game winning home run by finishing your first year of law school. Congratulations, you deserve to feel as young as you want to. Sometimes being a responsible adult is not so great! We are very proud of you! Here's to a great summer where the pool temperature is always 80 degrees and the lime popsicles are cold and always plentiful! P.S. Please get that little "Queen Bee" in the pool soon too!)

chelsea said...

Congrats on finishing your first year!!! Such an accomplishment. Can't wait until we are both done with school and have paid back our loans--hopefully we'll think its worth it:) I guess it will be a decade or so until that happens but at least we are learning right! Seriously though everyone says first year is the worst and now you are done!! Wahoo!!