Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Very Long Post

Many of you probably wonder if Evie ever gets upset.
The answer? Not really. (Please don't hate me)

This is her mad face.
She usually does it when I take too many pictures of her. However, this face deserves to be photographed so ironically, I take more pictures when she does it.

Lately, when I ask her to smile she makes this face.

And when I laugh, she usually does this.

She is still obsessed with Nick. It is adorable. She has discovered that she can now touch people's faces. In turn, I have discovered that I HAVE to cut her nails everyday or I look like I spent the night with Wolverine.

Like her Mom, Evie loves fall and everything that comes with it, including butternut squash.

She has also discovered that she can blow bubbles. Sometimes I hear her playing in her crib, blowing bubbles to herself when she should be napping.

Still loves chewing on everything. Her top three things to chew on include:
1) Her hands
2) People's shirts
3) Sophie la giraffe

Last week we went to visit the Burnetts in Portland for Wonder Woman's Birthday. More on that to come, but I had to share a few pics.

Cole's "angelic" smile.

Ally's equally "angelic" smile. (Love that face!)

Brother/Sister love.

More love.

Yeah, they love each other.

On our way up to Burnetts, we couldn't figure out why Evie was so quiet all the sudden. I assumed she had just fallen to sleep. When we got out of the car, we found her like this. Nick was able to have an "I-told-you-so-moment" as he told me that Evie's headbands get in her way constantly.

My response? "At least she's sleeping."

Evie has also mastered many yoga poses with ease and strength.

Exhibit A: "Happy Baby Pose"

Exhibit B: "Boat Pose"
*Ev had a huge blowout all over the changing table and I laid her on the floor while I tried to clean up the mess. She looked so cute hanging out on the floor that I had to take a picture. However, when I picked her up I noticed she had peed all over the floor. Lesson learned. *

The law wives club had our first recipe group meeting in September. I was in charge of dessert, for which I made these.
Cruffles in chocolate, german chocolate, and pumpkin. The pumpkin ones were delicious. (Thank you Ina!) You can find the recipe here.

Project Apartment is well underway. After almost two months in our apartment I have accomplished this:

I have made one pillow. Yay me! Here is the tutorial.

So the apartment is coming along slowly, but I'm having fun with it. We got permission to paint one wall in each room as long as it was neutral, pastel, or light colored. It has been difficult to decide on a color for any of the walls since I am not really a pastel girl. I was hoping to paint our family room a plum purple. That's a no-go unfortunately, so we painted our family room a light purplish-grey-brown. Wow, that sounds ugly! Once we finish decorating in the family room I'll post some pics, but for now you can ponder how disgusting it looks with the purplish-grey-brown color I described. I promise its not ugly, despite being described that way.

Ev and Dad watching football together. Nick is convinced she loves football. I am convinced she just loves TV. Only time will tell who is right.

In case you are wondering, Ev's eyes are still blue and I'm almost positive they will stay that way.

We've had a great conference weekend. Fall is truly my favorite time of the year and I hope I don't get punched for saying this, but October conference is superior to April Conference in my mind. I just love the weather, food, decorations, etc. surrounded with autumn time and Conference is a wonderful addition to all of that. And I absolutely loved Elaine Dalton's talk about Fatherhood/Daughters. If you missed Conference or are simply interested in what makes the Jordan family so happy, click here.
Can it just be Conference every Sunday? I would weigh 500 pounds if that were the case, so I guess I should be thankful that I don't make sticky buns every Sunday.

Oh, and I just have to get this off my chest. You can call me a heretic, but seriously MoTab? The Pepto Bismal colored "gowns" were by far THE WORST you have ever dressed. You sound beautiful and you radiate the spirit with music, but your outfits were so distracting! And not in a good way! Phew! I just had to say that.

Can't wait for the November Ensign!


Krystal Ann said...

Oh my gosh Brad and I kept talking about those terrible pink gowns too! Haha I am glad I am not the only one.

Darrell said...

Seriously, Ev is the cutest thing ever!!! And yes your mother also commented on the hideous pink gowns, but Conference was amazing. Can't wait to see your pad!

Tara Hibbard said...

Evie is sooo stinking cute! She just keeps getting prettier and prettier... you're gonna be in trouble when she's old enough to date! Cute Post!

jennica said...

i thought the EXACT same thing about mo-tab woman? what the heck.. its not even spring? and i loved every bit of this long post. i wish we lived closer and i could play with evie! and make pillows! and delicious desserts! miss you!

Alix Mae said...

Ahhhh Syd she's so adorable! I just want to squeeze her! Come visit :)

Nancy said...

Ha ha! I think "pepto-bismol" was on many minds this Sunday. Hideous. Ev is adorable. Thanks for sharing her with us. :)

Mindy said...

Those faces are SO dang cute! I couldn't resist commenting.