Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: Always and Forever

My parents were married in the 70's. Need I say more?
Here is a video clip of their "song," Always and Forever. I think the video speaks for itself. You know everyone was busting a move at their wedding...

This June, it will be 33 years since my parents were sealed in the Cardston, Alberta Temple. My mom summed up their marriage perfectly when she said this to me before I got married,

"I thought it would be crazy to get married at 18, but I knew it would be even crazier not to marry a guy like your Dad."

She definitely got the crazy part right.
(This is where you insert an interruption of some weird narcissist joke by my Dad. Here are several that he is undoubtedly thinking in his head right now):

"Yeah, crazy good!"
"Crazy? Are you talking about the crazy anacondas that you call my biceps?"
"You're mom just couldn't get enough of me."
"Edward Cullen has nothing on me."
"I am handsome Rob."

I could go on, but I don't want to steal all my Dad's jokes or he won't be able to comment for lack of jokes.

This is how my parents met. A beautiful college cheerleader meets a buff college wrestler.

Engagement pictures. The nightgown - ahem, excuse me, the dress my mom is wearing makes her look so tall. So tall in fact, that Nick commented that it actually makes my Dad look statuesque too.

They truly bring out the best in one another.

And their wedding day.

I am convinced that my wedding pictures will never look dated. Is it possible to escape it? The head to toe white on my Dad is just awesome. My parents are like floating heads amongst a sea of white polyester and lace. Jokes aside, these two are ridiculously good looking. And 32 (almost 33) years of marriage has exponentially multiplied their undeniable hotness.


Jana said...

Thank you, my Friday is complete. And your parents, awesome :)

Darrell said...

I knew I should have been worried when I found you rifling through old photos last weekend. Yikes!!!

sheila said...

I am speechless! Just remember I have control over my last will and testament. You will have no more access to the attic!