Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Three Loves

Love #1.
My baby bear. (Bear can also be spelled D-R-O-O-L)

Love #2.
My Fam. (Is it just me or do I look TIRED?)

Love #3.
Stephen Colbert.
When Nick comes home from school and Evie is down for the night, Snick spends a romantic evening watching the Colbert Report. I could not resist posting this snippet from Monday's episode. The last minute is an ab-worker. (Or maybe Snick just needs to hit the gym)

Things have been crazy lately. And by crazy I mean busy. I can't wait to post pics of our recent endeavors and to post on Friday for FF. I promise I won't leave you hangin'!


Amanda Jeffs said...

Great stuff, sydney! I love reading your blog!

chan said...

Evie is the cutest thing ever. I can't believe how blue her eyes are!

ecesunshine said...

I love Colbert!!!! I watch it almost every day. I don't even need to watch the clip lol

Mary said...

I love Colbert so much. And that Evie is adorable, too.

Darrell said...

As much as I like Stephen Colbert, they can't compare to Nick and Evie.

sheila said...

Those eyes are killer! I miss her tons and tons. I am still laughing about my friend, good ol' Stephen Colbert!