Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eviecake, Eviecake

Getting to Know Evie Jordan
Age: 6 months
Weight: 15 lb. 2 oz. (28%)
Height: 25 3/4 inches (50%)
Head size: 16 3/4 inches (50%)
Favorite Food: peaches or butternut squash
Least favorite food: barley cereal
Foods she has tried in the last month: apples, pears, zucchini, leeks, asparagus, sweet potato

Favorite hobbies: playing with Dad, chewing on feet, biting Sophie la giraffe's head off, cooking with Mom, and getting massages from Mom or Dad after bath time.
Favorite chores: Vacuuming, watching mom scrub toilets, taking baths.
Favorite workouts: playing in the jumper, yoga, and walks with mom.
Least favorite workouts: tummy time, strength training with Dad.

Ideal Date: Going to Joanns with Mom and coming home to Dad surprising us at the door. Then off to Home Depot as a family, followed by a nice dinner of peaches. A long luxurious bath and some milk before bedtime.

Pet peeves: When mom takes too many pictures of me and when people at the store ask Mom if I'm a boy when I'm wearing a pink headband.

If I could go any place in the world I would go to: Portland to visit my cousins, either of my grandma's homes, the light section at Home Depot (it mesmerizes me!), or Paris. (duh!)

Things that make me laugh: Mom, Dad and Aunt Darcee.

My best friend is: Ally Pally (my cousin).

Favorite TV show: Dad only lets me watch football, but he doesn't know that Mom has let me watch Project Runway on occasion. So to answer the question, Project Runway is my favorite TV show.

Favorite college football team: GO DUCKS!

How many teeth do you have? Just one, but I have three more that you can see under my gums and I drool buckets each day.

Can you roll over both ways? Yes, but I'm pretty lazy and usually I just lay on the floor kicking my legs.

Are you sitting up by yourself? Almost. My record is seven seconds before falling over.

Crawling? Not even close.

Other things that I love: Cupcakes, when mom wears me in the Bjorn at Costco, sitting in my Bumbo, and screaming like a parrot on a daily basis.

Proof that Evie loves cupcakes:

The reason why Mom is so behind on all her chores:


Money and Moni said...

Oh my goodness Syd - She is SO SO cute! Love your post; you're so funny :) makes me miss you! Hopefully you guys are coming to Utah in the next year sometime?

Mary said...

She is adorable.

sheila said...

She is beautiful! I would rather play with her than do chores any day!

Cassy said...

I wish i was as stylish as Evie.

chelsea said...

Ok, seriously no wish to visit the UK? William and Kate are offended as is favorite aunt! Loved all the pics and I'm counting down the days until I can squeeze those cheeks!

jennica said...

HAHAHA ok. You (evie) are hilarious. I miss you guys! We will definitely have to come to Oregon to visit you!!!

Darrell said...

Love the pics, thanks for posting. Way too cute!

Destiny said...

She is a doll!!

Darcee said...

I love her. And nick knows she loves me too and loves my kisses the best. She is the most squeezable baby I know. Seriously syd, she is perfection. Love those cheeks!

Jana said...

She is so Beautiful!!

Where can I get a Sophie la giraffe, I think my Lincoln will need one :)