Tuesday, October 11, 2011

JB's Girl

If you don't know who "JB" is, then you are probably a social leper. Since I'm a nice person, I'll save you before you jump off the highest social cliff there is.

JB = Justin Bieber.

If you don't know who Justin Bieber is, you should probably bite the bullet and jump off the cliff anyway because not knowing who he is = social suicide.

And before I post pictures of JB's girl, I should probably publicly apologize to my husband. I can't help it that Ev loves JB. Even babies can't shield themselves from his charm - he is a magnet full of chronic happiness.

So, since my baby loves that she's JB's baby, my sister and I made her an outfit to display such affections.
Here for your enjoyment, is JB's girl:

Is JB a lucky guy or what?


Darcee said...

Can I just say that Ev's cheeks are D-lish. I cannot even wait to get my fill of her kisses tomorrow. And let's me honest: she does love my kisses the best. Don't deny it. Even Nick knows it and won't admit it. Love that lady and can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Darrell said...

Who's JB? You mean James Brown? Regardless, our litte JB's Girl is darling!

Alix Mae said...

Yes. Yes he is :)

MaryJane said...

Love it. She is just adorable!

Darel said...

Yes! I am so glad she finally fits into this, although the skirt is a little tight... I love the muffin top. J.B. doesn't even deserve her.