Monday, November 2, 2015

Firm Mini-Retreat

Smart, Connell, Childers & Verhulp has two firm retreats a year. A mini retreat in September and a longer one in February. This September, we went to Alderbrook Resort (outside of Seattle) and it was so beautiful. Also, no children were involved which is sort of fantastic.

We met in Seattle for a Mariners game.

I made Nick walk around the ENTIRE ballpark before I committed to lunch. I had to make sure I viewed every possible option! (I decided on a pulled-pork sandwich & sweet potato fries ... and everyone was jealous of my choice while they were eating hot dogs!)

It was really fun and the weather was beautiful.

Dinner at Tom Douglas' Dahlia Lounge. My dad spent his entire weekend eating mussles. LITERALLY ATE NOTHING ELSE. I spent my entire weekend eating period. LIKE A PIGLET.

Alderbrook Resort is so beautiful!

Sunset dinner. It's so fun to get to do these things with my parents. Minus the fact that my babysitters are unavailable for the weekend.

A terrible picture of me.

Marcus and Ashley. 
Also, I didn't get pictures of anyone else, so I feel sort of bad. Nick has some on his phone I'm sure, but that would require me to not be lazy ... and that's never going to happen.

On the hunt for huckleberry jam!


Beignets at the Dahlia Bakery WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (and your pant size).


ashley: said...

Ooooo I have been wanting to try Dahlia Bakery and now that I know they have Beignets I am going ASAP!

Darel Ayn said...

YESSSSSS! A new post. This always makes my day!! What a fun weekend. Also that last picture of nini is money.

Darrell said...

I agree that that the Dahlia Bakery will "change your life."