Monday, November 16, 2015


We've made homemade chapstick using my Dad's beeswax and it turned out awesome. We have a super secret family recipe (that was googled on the internet recently) and I can't lie, Burt's Bees better watch his back because our stuff is so smooth and soft. My Dad has about five hives or so, so we knew we had to do something with the wax. We're still arguing about the name for our chapstick, but the product is universally loved. Here is Big D, pouring some lip balm into containers:

This girl is obsessed with Big Hero 6. She wants to watch NOTHING else after her tub at bedtime.

Nick loves that she's so snuggly still.

We all fight to see who she wants to snuggle with most (I ALWAYS WIN!).

The world's most terrible post-church photo shoot.

Seriously, not one good photo.

Just a whole lotta weirdness.

Aaaaaaaand it keeps getting weirder.

Okay, there's a little bit of cute mixed in.

Why she is obsessed with rocks I will never know.

So weird.

A girl and her giant carrot stick.

My gal.

Just some buns in a tub.

Evie got sick awhile back and it was so sad. It was so strange to see my wild, bouncy, crazy child all quiet and sleepy. 

How does one discipline this face?

That crooked smile is my life.

Costco Member since birth.

Sassy since birth.

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Amanda Jeffs said...

That is so cool your dad has beehives! Let me know when that chap stick hits retail 😊