Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conference Weekend

For October Conference this year, we drove to Portland to visit the crazies. Actually, we brought all the crazy with us.

Ally was extremely excited to be matching Anna.

A great deal of pictures were taken at Ally's request.

Speaking of Ally, she had a soccer game while we were there.

She killed it.

Cutest and best player on the team (I'm not biased at all).

Corner kick.

She had to let some of the other kids play.

Leader of the pack.

Loyal fans.

It was so fun to watch her play. Brought back a lot of memories for me - I spent many, many Saturdays playing soccer.

Some cool action shots:

Cole had a football game at the same time and place.

It made it convenient for us.

Got that ready stance!


We scored!


I seriously love this kid.

Cole and his cousin Caden (Burnett side) get to play together.

Super fans...or swim fans... I'm not sure.

Post-game warm wishes.

She's nuts.

Looking like her Dad here.

After the game, we went to the park. It was such a nice day.

This toy! Turns out it entertains adults and children of all ages.

We had so much fun just being together.

Photogenic Burnetts.

We tried to do the Pumpkin Patch but it was ridiculously expensive, so we let the kids look at the animals real fast and then split.

Anna received this giant Care Bear from the Burnetts and she is obsessed. She sleeps with it every night and wants to take it everywhere with her. It is also bigger than she is.

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