Sunday, November 22, 2015

Annie Oakley Turns 2

Anna turned two on October 8th. We had so much fun celebrating our silly, happy, snuggly girl.
We woke her up with breakfast (a donut) in bed while singing 'Happy Birthday.'

She had fun eating donuts on her birthday.

Some weird birthday shenanigans caught on video:

Evie kept saying how she couldn't wait for her birthday to come so she could eat donuts.
Girlfriend loves donuts a little too much.

A picture of the birthday girl.

Not a great picture, but Clarissa and Evie were so sweet to Anna all day - telling her Happy Birthday and giving her stuffed animals. It was awesome.

We kept things super simple this year. I made cupcakes in ice cream cones with Anna's face on them and we had dinner with family.

It was the perfect day.

Grandpa is this girl's favorite.

Nick loved the cupcakes.

So did Ev.

Opening presents was hilarious. Anna just wanted to play with everything and Ev thought it was Christmas day. Thank goodness for older siblings - they open all the presents.

Playing with her new ice cream cone.

This is the cutest video of Anna. She was like this all day - just happy. You could tell she felt special. She kept saying, "I happy! I happy!" It was the best.

Some things about Anna at age two:
1. She is the silliest girl. Loves to giggle, play jokes, and just play, play, play. 
2. She has become a super picky eater. My garbage disposal has disappeared. She basically eats oatmeal, cold cereal and ice cream (We're super healthy around here).
3. She loves dolls. Evie was never into dolls that much, but Anna carries a baby around everywhere she goes, feeding it, snuggling it, etc.
4. She's still an excellent sleeper. Naps everyday, sleeps great at night. My easy girl.
5. She loves music and dancing. If there is music to be heard, her body is jamming. She sways and twirls like it's her job.
6. She is practically a mute. The pediatrician recommended a speech therapist, but we're waiting and watching ... hoping that someday she will speak. Words she can say at two years old: Mom, Dad, Evie, thank you, milk, Baymax, night-night, bunny, Ket, hello, bubbles. Phrases she can say at two years old: What happened? I happy! Let's go. Want that. 
7. She is my snuggle bunny to the max. This girl could cuddle all day and everyone in our family loves it.
8. She weighs exactly 20 pounds and she is basically miniature. 
9. She laughs at movies. This girl loves her screen time so I have to be careful I don't let her watch too much. Evie still won't sit still for a movie, but Anna is a tv junkie. Her favorite movie is Big Hero 6 and she is obsessed. She laughs at Baymax and I'm pretty sure she doesn't get the humor, but she still laughs like she does. 
10. She never really walks. She mostly gallops or skips or does a gangster lean.

I can't imagine life without our Anna Banana. She is as close to perfection as you can get and she provides a sweetness in our home that we need. We just love her. Happy Birthday Anna!


Alix Andersen said...

So cute! Looks like she had a great birthday. And our pediatrician said at 2 years, kids should be saying between 5-20+ words, so I say she's good. :)

jennica said...

Hahahahahhaha. Love the update. She just seems squishy and delicious! Cutest icecream cones ever! Even when you aren't trying you through a smashing party. And who needs more words then baymax and want that. Sounds like she can get what she needs just fine :)