Monday, January 11, 2016

Pumpkin Patch - Yes, I'm that Lame!

Hey, hey hey! Just blogging about October in January - NBD!

Here's Anna Roo, looking her typical A-1 cuteness.

She is obsessed with owls. It's pretty much the only animal word she can say besides 'bunny,' and 'cow.' 

I love it when she naps in my bed.

Getting measured and weighed for her 2 year check-up.

Oh, the cheetah ears. They get so much use it's embarrassing. 

Preschool buds.

This is a terrible picture, but it sort of describes how Anna feels about my Dad. She cries to go visit him and follows him around when she is in his presence. It's pretty cute, even if the only reason is because he feeds her non-stop sugar when I'm not looking. 


I might be guilty of this one though.

Jazz hands? Totally from me.

Blerg! Just take a normal photo child!

My precious Anna.

Halloween this year. I MADE my costume with a hot glue gun. BOOM.

I also made Nick's hat with a hot glue gun. Tried to sew it ... gave up ... and the hot glue gun swooped in to save my bacon. 

Tink, Pan's shadow, Pan, Hook.

Anna killed it this year.

There was never a cuter Madeline.

I also made her costume. I sewed the dress, but hot glued everything else because I'm a BOSS. Her hat is a little party hat that I covered in felt and hot glued to a barrette. 

Evie was being naughty, hence the tears.

Random photo, but just too cute not to post. This girl LOVES her babies. And also sleeps with like 10,000 toys. WHATEVS. 

Back to some cuteness a la french style. 

She stole the show.

A little pre-Trunk-or-Treat candy.

She was not a fan of Nick's "mustache."

The Gumball Machine.

Ev and I made her costume with ... you guessed it! A hot glue gun.

Gumball Machine and Dora the Explorer.

I don't know how I'm going to top myself next year. 

A girl and her grandpa.

I made Ev's hat for her to wear to school and then my friend found one for Clarissa (at the store) for basically the same price that also looked the same. Go figure.

The looked cute regardless.

Lots of check-ups for Anna trying to figure out why she'd been so sick (SPOILER ALERT: GERMAN MEASLES).

Hi, Tiny.

"Mom, I dressed myself and you're going to LOVE it. I look fantastic!"

You sure do, Ev!

Bunny shirt, tutu, troll pants, Hello Kitty socks, Hello Kitty shoes = KILLIN' IT.

Strolling along.

 We painted pumpkins this year instead of carving them and ... I sort of missed actually carving pumpkins. Our kids however, definitely preferred to paint. (in the nude of course)

Suuuuuper serious painter over here.

And that's why we don't wear clothes while using a paint brush. 

The serious attitude paid off! Voila! A Seahawks pumpkin.

My polka-dot pumpkin.

My pumpkin and her pumpkin.

Ev (left), Anna (right)

Sometime in October, Ev had her very first Primary Program.

She memorized her part perfectly ... and then refused to give it without help from her teacher (GRRRRR!).

She also spent the first 20 minutes picking her nose while sitting in the front row, so basically - I'M THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING MOTHER.

She looked super cute though.

Wardrobe could not have gone better in my opinion.

I love these squirrelly girls.

We went to the pumpkin patch again this year. As usual, it was fun.

After about 10 minutes we had at least 15 baby pumpkins in our wagon (that's all Anna could carry).

So squeezy!

Conversation while getting out of the car:
Me: Ev, it's really cold today, make sure you wear your coat.
Ev: It's not cold and I will not wear my coat. I'm going to leave it here on the ground so if I need it, I can just come back and grab it.


Pooped out after the pumpkin patch.

Preschool Field Trip to the pumpkin patch.

"Mom, look! I'm playing these giant drums!"

Evie and her friend, Anna.

Ev and Clarissa.


Evie has a disease called "PERMACRACK."
It means her butt crack is perpetually showing and it's a real thing.

Her hair looked amazing that day - GO ME!

Eyes shut in every one of these pictures.

My girl!

Weirdo #1.

Weirdo #2.

Weirdo #3. 
Also, I officially dyed my hair for the first time. Not low lights, but actually dyed it. Well it's balayage or whatever the heck it's called. I like it, Nick likes it, wahoo!

I'll leave you with perhaps the best photo ever taken of Evie.

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