Tuesday, September 29, 2015


My kid is obviously a baller.

Summer and popsicles are synonymous.


Andrew and Anna.
I watched my friend Tara's kids for an extended weekend. She has six, but took the youngest with her (she's Anna's age) so I tended the oldest five. So five plus my two plus Clarissa is EIGHT CHILDREN. You read that right. EIGHT. All the kids were well behaved, but wowzers! At the end of every day I was so tired. Also, having kids in school is awful. They come home and it's nothing but homework for three hours! I'm never sending my kids to school. Seriously.

Emiline (Tara's #4 and my favorite ... shh! Don't tell anyone)

Another random video.

My girls looked so darling this Sunday, I was determined to get a picture. However, when we showed up for dinner at my parents and still hadn't taken one, I decided that their driveway made for an awesome background.

I swear I don't have a favorite child...

A snap I just had to save because Anna is my dancer.

A perfect end to an amazing summer.

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