Monday, September 28, 2015

Chelsea Gets Married Part Two

We kept ourselves busy (and well-fed) while in California.
Nick and I were able to squeeze in an early morning temple sesh. I always love going to back to Newport because we were married there (as children I might add).

Besides the wedding, our day at Balboa was probably the highlight of our trip. We rented a boat and drove around the bay and then spent the afternoon doing touristy things. 

Nick insisted on driving the boat.

This boat was only slightly nicer than ours.

Ev was in heaven - steering the boat, looking for sea lions, driving us all crazy hopping all over the place...

A girl and her grandma.

Anna started to get a little sleepy...

There's always money in the banana stand.

Quite possibly the worst picture Nick and I have ever taken and I don't know why. Had to post it because I have no shame. 

Riding the ferris wheel from H-E-L-L. Not really, but it was definitely the longest/fastest ferris wheel of my life. I was so sick by the end I couldn't wait to get off. Ev however, had the time of her life.

She ate this whole thing like it was nothing.

Anna has mastered her smile as of late. It's a full-body cheese grin and I love it.

Laughing? Crying? Amused? 
I have no idea.

Bridal brunch before the wedding.

More beach days.

Spending some quality time with Gram Evelyn and Bernie.

It's always pretty special.

Best. Picture. Ever.

Snuggling with Grandma.

Full-body cheeser.

Me and my gal.

I'm hoping I've put enough pictures in this post so I can actually blog about the wedding in my next post. Doubt it, since we took about 500 pictures on our vacay. 

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