Monday, September 21, 2015

Dump Post for Darel

After several death threats through snap chat, I decided to blog again. Sadly, I don't have much time to collaborate my thoughts into something interesting because I have about 30 seconds until my sister follows through on her threats. (READ: "IF I DON'T SEE PICTURES OF EVIE AND ANNA I WILL KILL YOU.")

Deeds, this is for you.

Here's Nick taking a nap at 9 PM while I clean out my closet. It felt so good to get rid of 1/3 of my closet. I've been inspired lately by a lot of the minimalist (so trendy I know!) blogs out there and I'm considering doing a year of no shopping in 2016. Has anyone done this or know of anyone who has? I'd like some input from anyone who has actually done it as I'm trying to figure out how this would actually work for ... someone like me. 

We are doing preschool M-F this year (I'll explain more later) and these girls are just amazing. We do Wesley Preschool (M, W, F) and then a free co-op with some friends (T/Th) and so far we are loving it. They love having some structure everyday and I love that they are getting practice for "everyday" school since Kindergarten is everyday, ALL DAY, which is a HUGE mistake. Don't worry, I've already called to see if Evie can only go half-day next year and was told, "NO." The receptionist also seemed a little peeved that I was asking for a child who was currently in preschool, not Kinder. JUST PLANNING AHEAD LADY. Also, I'm not willing to part with my children, so don't judge me for keeping them home with me forever. 

After preschool and lunch, they read books for quiet time while I,
A) use the toilet
B) fold laundry
C) eat my own lunch in QUIET
D) ALL OF THE ABOVE (hallelujah!)

Plus I get 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted Anna-Time and it's the bomb diggity.

This girl comes straight from Squeezetown with a bucket of cheese.

For days when I just can't get up/need to clean the house so we don't get reported to CPS, the girls watch Doc McStuffins in our bed.

The second this girl hears the vacuum, she comes running.

Don't judge! I hate vacuuming.

Playing outside at Grandma and Grandpa's house on a Sunday night.

Lounging comes so naturally to some people...

Someone found the sprinklers.

Life is good.

I once forgot Anna's swimsuit when Darcee was in town. Luckily, Elle and Anna are the same size (a year apart) and Elle was gracefully willing to share. Ally was loving matching Anna. I think she just loves to match people in general - a fashionista in training for sure.

Post-swimming tubs and buns.



This is quintessential summer for us.

The cutest Elle Belle and the most awkward me.

Dot and Elle (Dotelle?) working hard on the Hero-Up Race.

Who knew working non-profit could be this cute?

(Best Cousins For Life)

My little weirdo.

Some pedis.

Darc and her kids came up quite a bit towards the end of the summer and once Evie asked me, "Mom, can we live with Grandma and Grandpa like Cole and Ally?"

It was a pretty awesome July/August.
If Elle is in town, you are having a squishy good time.

Picking tomatoes from Grandpa's garden.
Evie, Samara from The Ring (Anna), Cole, Ally.

Anna lets me braid her hair now.

It is totes ADORBS!

Cole and Anna livin' it up.

I ran an advertised 5K, which turned out to be 2.8 miles instead of 3.1, (but who's counting?) with some friends this summer. 

Despite not meeting the distance requirements, it was still really fun, minus the HORRIFIC experience we had at the downtown Yakima Dairy Queen. (Don't worry, I wrote an official complaint and have since forgiven my favorite fast food place)

I'm honestly shocked I have friends that want to run with me sometimes.

Anna looked SO cute this one Sunday, I was obligated to take 100 pictures.

She was loving it!

Take some more, Mom!

Notice the sign says, "OBEDIENCE."
Oh! The irony!

Photo Cred: Evelyn Jordan. 
I keep telling Ev what a good job she's doing learning how to take pictures. If only she could completely crop Nick's head out...

My sunshine.

She can do no wrong.


Wearing all our Bolivia gear from my Dad's climbing trip.

Anna wore this hat the entire month of August - NO JOKE.
She can officially say the word, "HAT," now.
Yay, for finally having words and being practically two.

I hope this was good enough.
Darel, please don't kill me.


Darel Ayn said...

Thank you (finally) for posting! It makes my day. Also the face shots of Anna and Elle might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

Ashley Smart said...

Your children are so adorable!!! Also, can I have the 1/3 of your closet that you got rid of because I'm pretty sure they're cuter than 3/3 of my closet? Please and thank you.

Krista said...

Oh my goodness. Cuteness overload. The goggles pic of Anna + Ev in pirate costume (Halloween?? Check!) + Anna's pigtails + also those mini lounge chairs?? I am dead. So cute.

Amanda Jeffs said...

Isn't that crazy that kindergarten is all day?! I loved your vacuuming comment. My new neighbor is amazing and keeps her house in perfect condition with 3 children. It made me depressed that I can't do the same with two.