Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chelsea Gets Married Part One

Nick's sister, Chelsea got married in August. We drove down for the festivities and so Nick could stuff his face with In-N-Out. Truth be told, I went to Cafe Rio twice, because I'm the world's grossest fatty.

Ev and Ev.
These two! Evie now understands the concept of 'namesake.' She loves that she and Gram Evelyn have "the same name," and she's constantly talking about it. They bonded immensely during this trip and it made me so happy!

We were able to squeeze in a few beach days before the wedding.

This girl pooped sand for days.

John's sister Kristin, has two girls who are relatively close in age to our minions. Evie and Allie had a blast together and it made me wish we all lived closer!


Literally sand everywhere.

Every nook and cranny.

Every nostril and crack.

It was nasty, but so cute.

Angry at something ... probably a shell.


If you push hard enough on the sand, it will move. Unless you are Anna and you weigh less than a feather.

Beach babes.

Clearly she's a natural at looking ... natural?

That sandy face!

Snaggle tooth and stink eye in one picture.

Aaaaaaand things have taken a turn for the weird.

World's best sand crab catcher. 

My girls have the BEST aunts (and grandparents) in the world.

She's peeing.

Almost a cute picture.

When Anna naps, I stare at this picture for two hours until she wakes up.

I told her she could wear the Dodgers hat if she remembers first and foremost that she is a Mariner.

Best friends. Or maybe I should clarify that the feeling is not mutual. Anna tortures and squeezes and punches and loves Bentley and he just tries to get away.

Poor girl ... he's just not that into you.

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