Tuesday, October 20, 2015

3rd Annual Hero-Up Race

This has nothing to do with Hero-Up. It's just darn cute.
This girl is super into dressing herself lately and we are just rolling with it. Usually it does not look this cute when she "does it herself." IE: Troll pants, My Little Pony T-shirt, Minnie Mouse tutu and rainboots. Basically, she's awesome.

Okay, the race. We packed up and headed to Grand Central Station - the Burnett Residence.

This cheeser. The second we entered Aunt Dot's house in Portland she had to have a bowl of cereal (even though we stopped at McDonald's on the way).

Ev = Road Warrior

Elle was SO excited to see her Aunt Syd.

She practically squealed with delight...

With all the girl cousins together, we had to get a matching jammie pic.

Except Elle grew out of hers ...

So she didn't quite make the picture.

We still love you Elle Belle (even though you're sort of fat - in a good way!)

Kent fitting in with the kiddos, no problem.

Yikes. Is it just me or does everyone have the exact same facial expression?!

My mask was so tight it made it hard to smile. Also, it was 5 in the morning.

Race day is always so exciting and crazy. These two fit right in! Also, can you believe they drove 12 hours for just two days? They are amazing. Also, I think they won the prize for most wild blackberries eaten during the race.

My Grandma has more instagram followers than your Grandma.
Pretty sure this needs to be a T-shirt or something.

Bane and Wolverine duking it out.

Friends again.

I have the most amazing friends. It makes me so happy seeing people come out to support the race.

Batman/Cat Woman.


Super family!

Super SMART family!

I love these people!

Way to go Dot! You pulled it off again. The race was a huge success thanks to all of Darcee and Chelsea's hard work. 

Aaaaaand probably the best picture of the weekend.
That little snuggler Anna!


Darel Ayn said...

Yes! I need to see more! Keep it coming!

Darrell said...

can't believe I almost missed this post. fantastic!