Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tubs & Bubs

As a baby, Evie hated bubbles in the tub. I'm not sure she was scared, but maybe more of the fact they got in the way of playing with her toys and made it uncomfortable to drink the water. Whatever the case, she would scream and try to jump out of the tub whenever I put them in.

Enter Anna.

I once gave Anna a bubble bath without Evie. Ev came in the bathroom with a look of betrayal on her face and practically jumped into the tub with all her clothes on.

I won't jump to conclusions here, but that seems to be a common thread with Evelyn in her relationships with ... well, everyone. She is fiercely competitive, intent on being #1, looking out for herself around every corner. So, the fact that Anna had bubbles when she didn't, sent her into a frenetic rage of jealousy.  And this is probably a trait that all young children possess, but Evie seems to need very special attention with this issue ALL THE TIME.  

Ev still doesn't love bubbles in the tub like Anna, but she will at least tolerate them if Anna whines for the bubble bath. They also fight over tub toys constantly, but they are learning to take turns and share the tea set. Oh my goodness, that blasted tea seat will be the death of us all. TARGET: Ruining sisterhood with tub toys since 1979, or whenever the heck it was established. 

I think part of the reason our two chicas are fighting more is that Anna has an opinion now. Gone are the days where Ev could take whatever she wanted, whenever she felt like it. Anna fights back with high-pitched shrieks and fingernails. Or in other words, la guerra has commenced! Also, I'm not sure where all this Spanish is coming from. At the end of my long (3 year) and unfruitful (mostly B's) high school Spanish career SeƱora Leiva finally said, "Your Spanish is still not good, but you always wear cute outfits." Of course I didn't understand the (sort of) compliment and had to have my friend Alisha translate. Boom baby, Elle Woods in the house. 

But back to bubbles and babies...

I love bathing babies. I really do. Even when they are small and they scream, I still love it and I'm not sure why. I think its mostly because they smell so heavenly afterwards and they usually want to snuggle because they are cold from getting dressed, but either way, I love a freshly bathed baby/toddler/child.
With Anna getting older, she and Ev play/fight/splash/waterboard each other as I typically read a book while sitting on the toilet seat. And I have to say, while its easier, it has definitely lost some of its charm. Kneeling on a wet bathroom floor with my arms in water up to my elbows washing my babies is the best part of my day when I have a wee one. Now Anna just screams, "Buh! Buh!" whenever I shut the water off and the bubbles start to disappear. 

Who am I kidding? Nothing has lost its charm.
I love this girl, bubble butt and all.

Here's one big difference I've noticed between Ev and Anna. Ev will do whatever she wants and then look at me for punishment or praise because she knows one of the two is coming when she's up to something. Anna however, interacts with me at every moment, constantly watching my facial expressions to see how I will react. Evie will just do what she's going to do and deal with the repercussions - "THAT BAG OF OREOS WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT, MOM." Anna will pick something up, look at me and then make a decision based upon my reaction. If I laugh, she continues. If I shake my head, she runs away. If I say no, she whines. 

And sometimes she just stares at me with that huge baby gut and I can't even HANDLE IT. 

Ev and I have a relationship that blossoms upon growth through challenges. I am constantly - and I mean CONSTANTLY, battling her and trying to help her grow up to be something other than a kleptomaniac/axe murderer/puppy stealer. I love her because she challenges me and our tender moments often follow an apology after a long day of fighting. She is ME, and I appreciate her for that.

Anna is so different. Our relationship is founded upon lots of emotional and physical bonding. She has to meet a certain snuggle quota each day and she requires a great deal of my approval and eye contact. She loves to just be near me, to hear me talk to her, to coincide in all we do. When I get frustrated with her, it pushes her away and makes things worse. In contrast with Evie, who thrives on confrontation. Anna needs to be tenderly parented and loved every second of every day.

Parenting is hard.

As Anna enters an older stage of life that requires discipline, I'm learning to give her the type of discipline that works best for her personality. Sure, there are certain rules that are the same for everyone - sharing, not eating boogers, washing your hands, cleaning your room, etc., but the way those rules are delivered is crucial.

And I know its hard to believe that Anna requires any sort of discipline, but she can be a little stinker sometimes. 

The cutest stinker that ever lived, but still a stinker.

I love my kids, but will they survive my parenting?

I sure hope so.

Even if my parenting sucks occasionally, I'm still an awesome tub supervisor!

More tub rats!


Tub insanity is hereditary.


Cassie Tremblay said...

I also love fresh bathed babies!! Everett has recently discovered bubble baths and now a normal bath is just not acceptable! I love your blog and hearing about your girls, crazy how each Kid is so different! You are a rockstar mom!

Tara Hibbard said...

I love all the bath pictures! Too cute! I love hearing about the girls and their personalities. Super fun post!

jennica said...

The baby gut!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha. Where does that even come from? Oh my gosh I love your girls and seriously you are best mom ever for even recognizing what your babes need. I wish so much we could be best friend neighbor moms! Love your posts and you so much!

Darrell said...

kids and bubble baths are the best!