Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 One day at Jo-Anns:

Ev: "Mom! Look at this crazy leprechaun hat!"
Me: "Wow! That is pretty cool."
Ev: "Can I get it Mom?"
Me: "No."
Ev: "Can I wear it for just a little bit?"

At the check-out twenty minutes later.

Ev: "Please Mom can I get this?"
Me: (Looking at the price tag) $14.99! No way. Its way too expensive."
Cashier: Actually, all St. Patrick's Day decorations are 60%.
Ev: "Mom, can I wear my hat home?"
Me: "Blarney."
Ev: "What?"

Ev insisted on wearing her leprechaun hat to preschool on St. Patricks Day.
She even picked out a green shirt to match! 
(I swear she's not colorblind) 

"Mom, take a picture with me and my pot of gold."

Gold = Goldfish

Pesky lil' leprechaun.

Nailed that smile!

We also had preschool snack that week. I always ask Ev what she wants to bring and I try to incorporate her ideas. Currently, everything is "rainbow," so when she requested rainbow leprechaun bread, I had to follow through!

So much work! But I made Ev help me and it actually turned out really fun.

Also, if you need to do a six-braid challah, call me.
I'm an expert now.

The kids at school loved it!

She wore this hat for two straight weeks.

Also, remember that one time I said I wasn't good at doing hair?

Turns out I'm pretty decent at it now.

Boo yah!


chan said...

That Bread looks awesome! You are such a great a mom!

Emma said...

Are you serious! That bead is amazing. I might need to try that sometime. Also it's clear your bread making ability has spilled over into hair. Check you out!

jennica said...

Oh my gosh what! I want rainbow bread too. It reminds me of my subway days when we had to make party size loaves! You are too skilled. And you nailed that hair-do. I wish I could do that fancy of do's in my own hair!

MaryJane said...

You make bread...totally impressed!

Darrell said...

You are only the best mom ever! You should give classes.