Friday, March 6, 2015


[an-uh-lanch, -lahnch] 

a small, but mighty mass of Anna, detached from a parent and sliding, falling, or destructing suddenly in any direction.
anything like an annalanche in suddenness and overwhelming quantity:
an annalanche of misfortunes; an annalanche of mess.

verb (used without object)annalanched, annalanching.

to come down in, around, or up, like an annalanche.
verb (used with object)annalanched, annalanching.
to overwhelm with an extremely large amount of anything; swamp.

Our youngest child will now and forever be known as Annalanche. In her large wake of cuteness, she also leaves an undeniable surge of destruction. She will climb any chair, summit any table, and dismantle, annihilate and exterminate any object in her path. For example, if I have to pee, wipe my nose or simply make the bed, I must be prepared to discover a gargantuan mess in my absence. She must be watched with the utmost care, or she will eradicate all manner of order in our home.

Not long ago, I realized that every time I left the room, Anna would beeline to the kitchen table and get on top of it. At first, I rushed to correct her and haul her off. After awhile, it made me laugh. Eventually, I started taking a picture before I grabbed her from the table top. I started to collect a large assortment of pictures of her on our kitchen table and began to take pictures of her when she would get into other things. I soon had so many pictures, I couldn't put them all in one blog post. Here's a video of our Annalanche, doing what she most certainly knows how - annalanching. 

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chan said...

There was too much cuteness in that video. Loved her dancing on the chair!