Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Am I Blogging About Valentines Day?

Some more tub photos.
It's clear that the only time I can get pictures of my children is when they are trapped in the bathtub. 

Ev's hair! I've mentioned that it is such a hazard for her. Perhaps the number one hazard besides getting stuck in her mouth is getting stuck in bath toys.

Little miss still doesn't have much hair in comparison to Ev, but we'll take it!

They are totes going to want to recreate this in twenty years...not.

Nice, Ev.

I suggested to Ev that we take pictures of her on Valentines Day.
She loved the idea until we went outside and it was "too bright."

Thanks Oregon, for making my child allergic to the sun.

But inside the garage with a bunch of crap in the background works too.

Her best outside pic:

Anna is the dress-up queen.
All day everyday!

She will bring me dresses, crowns, jewelry, shoes, purses, etc. - whatever she can get her pudgy little hands on. It is so cute.

I took this picture to document this for future reference when Ev wins the Guiness Book of World Record for HUMAN MOST LIKE A TASMANIAN DEVIL.
Five minutes. And I mean FIVE minutes after Clarissa comes over, the girls' room looks like this:

We need a playroom.
Or a maid.
Or a bomb.


Good Morning, Anna!

(Not planned, but hey! I'll take it)

My beast trapped in a beauty's body.

Anna, looking good.

Thank you Grandma for the heart magnets.

And the window decals.
Hours of entertainment!

Sweet Heavens, that face is my kryptonite.

She looks like me here.
Weird faces unite.

Ev had to have an evaluation before soccer this year. They try to place the kids evenly on each team so the games are fair.

Ironically, Ev placed the highest on our team even though she is easily our worst player. And I say that with love. She doesn't quite get the point, but she's having fun (50% of the time) and I think she will get the hang of it eventually (I hope). 

Such hammy hampsters.


Grandma loves.

Nick and I went to this couples murder mystery party. I was sort of offended when the part I was given to play was basically Paris Hilton. Whatevs, I rolled with it.
Nick was a weird security guard who everyone thought was the murderer. Luckily I came home with an innocent man.

So cheesy.

Paris in the house.

A series of adorable oatmeal eating photos:

For the preschool Valentine's Day party they had a sign up outside the door for parents to volunteer to bring things (drinks, fruit, etc.). Well I'm the biggest space cadet and forgot to sign up on the list until two days before and the ONLY thing left was heart shaped cookies. So Clarissa and Evie got to help me roll out one billion heart shaped cookies for preschool.

Accessorizing like Rachel Zoe.

This is my life.

Ev bit into her lip and it was nasty.
When there is vomit or blood involved ... I dislike motherhood.

No stitches needed!
Just popsicles and an icepack.

Valentine's Day hugs!

And now, a series of super awkward sister pictures:

We won't be framing any of these in case you were wondering.

This girl! She loves underwear. Wears it on top of her pants almost daily.
Weird, but cute.

Did I say cute?
I meant adorable.

Sticker queen.

She kept the headband on for ... five seconds.

Just chilling in the hallway for all three hours of church.

I will never go to Sunday School again.

If she's not on her tummy with her bum in the air, she's in the lounge-sleep position.

I told Ev that we should try and come up with something creative to give her classmates for Valentine's Day.
She suggested rocks from our backyard.

So we went with it.

Pet Rocks!

You rock, Valentine!

Ignore my face.

I love these three amigos.

The silent amigo.

The only picture I took of Ev's Valentine's party at school.

Beaver teeth twins.

More dress up shots.

Obsessed with suckers.

It's totally worth it so she will make this face.

Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Great.

Evie loves her Grandma Great. She always asks to go to her house and eat her marshmallows.
(they are totally stale in case you were curious)

Another blog post bites the dust.
Boom baby.


Cassandra Worthington said...

Oh my goodness I am having the best time catching up on your blog. You are the most lovely, encouraging, creative Mama! It is so great reading about how you let your darling girls direct activities and encourage their ideas. They are going to grow up to be powerful creative thinkers--just like you! Such a beautiful family! Love to you all!!

Darrell said...

The three amigas are fantastic, I agree!