Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Anna Shea Turns ONE

For Anna's 1st, we had a simple party. 
And by simple, I mean a straight up rave as evidenced below:

The details are fuzzy, but all I know is things got a little crazy. Especially towards the end (8 PM).

We were in the process of moving, so we kept things real chill and it ended up being the perfect way to celebrate our Anna.

These girls know how to party!

An amazing talent I have is making Piza cakes. They always lean and look like they're going to fall over, but I got skillz, so they never do.

Anna's cake smash compared to Evie's was ... actually a cake smash.

"Dang this is real good."

"Hmmm, how can I get this entire thing into my tiny body all at once?"

"This'll do it."

"Crap. Everyone's watching me, so I should pretend to be polite."

"Whatevs. Its my birthday and I can do what I want."


Post cake smash cake: Anna, NYC: Godzilla

She's a healthy little lightweight at a whopping 17 pounds (same as her sister).

And just happy, always happy.

We waited for her Pediatrician for about twenty minutes soooo unfortunately we took a lot of selfies.

Some edible chub.

Channeling Beyonce with that diaper booty.

A LOT of selfies = BOREDOM.

I took some pretty terrible pictures of her outside, but luckily Anna's in them so they're perfect.

 Ev did not understand why she couldn't be in every picture.

Beaver teeth!

Raising the roof.

The heart melter.

We love you Anna!

So glad you were born.

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Mhana said...

(This is Em P) I love that last picture of her. I'm not sure how you strike that contorted little pose, but she looks like she has what it takes to be a Kardashian in the posing department -- only she is cute when she does it instead of unsettling. Good job making cute kids!