Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yakivegas Fair

I don't know if this is true, but I heard that the city of Yakima had a choice between being the state's capital or hosting the state fair every year and it wisely chose the state fair. Wait ...what? Now I know why Yakima is the way it is - founded on good ole family morals AKA funnel cakes, carnies, and extremely large pigs. So we couldn't NOT go, right? Plus Nick had never been and I wanted to show him the classy part of Yakima and possibly get some black and white photo buttons for him to wear to work the next day.

Hey Anna, do you wanna do something fun?

How about we go to the fair?

Okay, you can have all the funnel cakes in the world.

Once we took out a loan from the bank, they let us into the fair (holy expensive!). Then of course Ev wanted to ride the carousel, etc. and I had to sell my soul and next unborn child in order to afford three kiddie rides. Ev seemed to think it was worth it though.

Anna wasn't sold ... she just wanted some funnel cake.

"Mom! I'm at Disneyland!"
Way to be positive, Ev.

Ev insisted on doing the fun maze, but at a whopping 35" tall, she had to have an adult go with her.

Dad of the year. Pretty sure I would have had claustrophobia going down that slide.

Claustrophobia yes, coaster phobia no.
I love me a good roller coaster and to be honest, Mr. Worm's Wonky Coaster did not disappoint.
Ev loved it. She was putting her hands in the air and screaming - it was fantastic and I can't wait until she's actually tall enough to do things. Its not her fear that holds her back, but that tiny little body that doesn't meet height requirements. Time to buy some toddler heels.

Largest pumpkin, 652 pounds.
"Mom, I want this pumpkin to come to my house."

This creepy carnie with like 3 teeth offered to show us the world's smallest horse if we gave him a quarter. I was intrigued and he took us around a corner so we could look through a tiny slit in a box to take a peek. BYE, BYE, LITTLE SEBASTIAN!
I need to call Leslie Knope immediately and tell her that Lil' Sebastian lives.
Ev really wanted to touch Lil' Sebastian, but I really want her to grow up without rabies, lice or fungus.

Funnel cakes! Nuff said.

Can't lie, we had ourselves a great time for the affordable price of ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
Thank you, Yakima Fair.


jennica said...

hahaha how come you are like the funniest person in the world. If you wrote a book I would read it. BYE BYE LiL Sebastian! haahahaha

Chris'sBlog said...

lol oh man... ain't that the truth! Well glad you still had fun! Congrats on being back in yak-town!


Virginia Prescott said...

I heard that rumor too, although I heard two versions. One was the state capitol and one was Central Washington University. So either way...FAIR IS BETTER RIGHT?!? I might have snorted when you mentioned the button pictures. Also, did you take Nick on zipper? To me that ride is the epitome of the Yakima fair. Pretty sure it is the same one since the fair began, love the feeling of being locked into a cage and twirled around with eyes dead set on that 4 inch pin keeping you safely held in.