Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Interview With a One Year Old: Anna

Name: Anna, Anna Banana, Bonanza, Squishy, Poopster, Annaphylaxis Shock, etc.

Age: 13 months, but my Mom's a dingbat and didn't get around to blogging when I was actually one.

Where do you live: Yaktown! The place where apples grow larger than my head.

Hair color: Light brown/blonde - my Mom can't believe I don't look like a Kardashian.

Eyes: Blue! Again, my Mom's just in shock/agony over this.

My Mom lost the sheet of paper from the doctor's office, but she did remember that I'm in the 30%. (See above dingbat reference)

Weight: 17 pounds 5 oz.

Head Circumference:
My head is perfect, but my Mom can't remember since she lost that stupid sheet of paper.

Favorite Foods:
This really should be a blog post in itself because I AM LITERALLY A GARBAGE DISPOSAL. My parents had to take out an additional post-law school loan just to feed my squishy buns. I eat fifteen times a day, and if I see you eating then I'm suddenly starving. If my Mom leaves the pantry door open (rookie mistake) then I will stand there and whine until she feeds me what I want. If it is in my sight - I will eat it with gusto. Unless its a vegetable, then I'm not that interested. I don't really have a favorite food since I'm basically the chubby brother Rat from Ratatouille that is happy with garbage. If I had to choose though, I'd have to say a green smoothie (I share one with Mom and Dad everyday), cheese and meat - JUST GIVE ME MEAT.

Least favorite foods:
Not a huge veggie fan, but hey, if you're eating some ... I'd consider it.

Favorite TV show:
Not interested. I love Mom's phone though. I love to push the incorrect password so many times that Mom frequently gets locked out of her phone.

Favorite Toy:
A chair, steps, stool, basically anything I can climb. I'm a monkey. My Mom recently found me halfway up the ladder on my sister's bunk bed. Also, the shower, toilet and garbage can. Who needs toys?

I'm an amazing dancer, which is saying something because I basically have one dance move (the wiggle). I'm also an incredibly fast crawler and I have the world's strongest death grip - ain't nobody gonna pry anything from these fingers!

Do you like music?
Well obviously, since I'm such a good dancer. My favorite music is whatever my parents/sister force upon me. Right now its Christmas music, but some days its Disney, Maroon 5 or when my Mom is being super weird, Celine Dion. But if I had to choose, I'd have to say T-Swift. She is really having a moment. And if you're not into that are probably in denial.

How many teeth do you have?
4! But there are more on the way. I have the cutest beaver teeth in town.

What size shoe/clothes do you wear?
Well apparently I'm tiny, which must be why I can't get in that white shiny bowl that my dad sits on forever when he comes home from work. I'm wearing 12 month clothes, but my feet are literally bird feet. My mom finds it extremely frustrating to find me shoes that support my feet for walking.

Speaking of walking, hows that going?
Funny you should ask. I can stand and do squats all day, but I haven't taken more than two steps.  Everybody badly wants me to start walking, but I like watching them get disappointed when I just sit back down.

I'm not really interested in talking. I prefer grunting and growling - it seems to be much more effective.

Who is your best friend?
Probably my nukie (pacifier). I want to have it in my mouth all day. I have a secret stash in the house that mom doesn't know about. That's how I always have one even after she puts it in my bed after nap time. If I had to choose a human best friend, it would definitely be my sister Evie. She makes me laugh (and cry) all the time and I love when she tackles me and drags me by my feet around the floor.

How does it feel to be one?
Well, like I said, I'm technically 13 months, but I'm enjoying being a baby. I love that mom carries me everywhere and I love that if I whine, people give me what I want. Sometimes its hard to have an older sister who takes toys from me, but I just scream and then my mom comes and saves me. Evie is going to be disappointed when I'm big enough to fight back.

Do you like when Mom takes pictures of you?
Heck no! I just want to eat the camera. I'm hungry, remember?

Do you like church?
Actually, yes. I don't understand why everyone is so quiet though. I don't mind, it just allows me to be heard better. I growl and screech the whole time and it embarrasses my parents, but there's nothing they can do because I never stop.

Do you think you are cute?
Of course I'm cute! There's not much to elaborate on here, but people stare at me wherever I go and they always want to squeeze me.

Are you scared of anything?
Not really. I don't get scared, but I do get mad. Don't take my toys or I will scream!

Where do you see yourself in two months?
Hmm, I'm not really sure. Hopefully eating, but maybe climbing up somewhere very high - like the kitchen table. I'm always trying to get up there when Dad is eating and I'm sitting in his lap.

Do you like bath time?
I love it. Playing with Evie in the tub is my favorite part of the day. Also, drinking tub water. That is great.

What else do you like to do?
 In my spare time I love to take all of Mom's shoes off her shoe rack and put them in my mouth. I also enjoy messing up Evie's picnics and playing with Mom's light-up running vest. I whine and cry until she turns it on for me and she always gives in. What a pushover. 

What would your parents say is their favorite thing about you?
Besides the fact that I'm a perfect angel baby, I think my Mom and Dad love that I'm so playful. I love to laugh and be played with. Hide 'n' Seek, Peek-a-boo, wrestling, being thrown around - I'm just a playful baby. 

Do you do your own hair?
I prefer to let my hair take the natural course and look like I stuck my finger in a light socket. My Mom however, is always trying to put bows in it or pin my bangs out of my face. I appreciate her efforts, but she's just so terrible at doing hair, that I usually pull it out when I'm in my carseat and she's not looking. 

Are you a good sleeper?
For the most part, I'm the world's most perfect baby. I do like to spit my nukies out in the middle of the night and make my Dad get up and put them back in my mouth.

Would you consider yourself fashionable?
Yes, I'm the best thing since Coco Chanel. People always tell me how adorable I'm dressed. I usually grunt at them, but what I'm trying to say is, I think they should tell my Grandmas because they have bought me enough clothes to make me fashionable for two lifetimes.

Is there anything you despise?
I really can't stand it when my Mom or Evie shuts doors. Even if I'm not going into that certain room, I just like the doors to be open. It limits my ability to climb on things and make mischief. 

Any other comments before your mom takes her blog back?: I'm hungry. Get off the computer and FEED ME MOM!

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Why do I have such opinionated babies?!


Jesica and Chris Fowler said...

SERIOUSLY??!! What a DOLL! I love how teeny tiny your girls are! I never realized how little Evie was until the family reunion!! They are both SOOO edible!!!

jennica said...

Oh my gosh she is perfect!! I love all her opinions and sass. She is a perfect angel baby and I love her! How does she eat so much and weigh 17 lbs, what a metabolism!! Owen is pushing 20 these days! I want to listen to Celine (who doesn't?) and hear Anna's grunts and see her shakes! I love these updates!!

Alix said...

So stinkin' cute!!

Cassandra Worthington said...

Gosh she is the cutest baby I've ever seen! Am I crazy in saying she looks a lot like an Olsen twin? It may just be her innate chicness.