Friday, November 7, 2014

Flashback Friday: The Chambray Before JCrew

Remember when I used to do Flashback Friday? Remember when my blog was maybe a little bit, sort of interesting? Its okay if you don't remember. Its possible that never happened and that I just made it up - its one of my many talents. Here's something I didn't make up though:
JCREW stole their idea for a denim chambray from the Smart Family circa 1997.
If you aren't aware of the chambray craze that has consumed every store in the mall (with perhaps the exception of Talbots because NOTHING good ever comes out of that store), its sort of a thing. A big thing. If you don't own a denim shirt, you mine as well be sitting with the unfriendly black hotties, or worse ... the art freaks. 
Since I like to help a brother out, I'll rewind a little for the denim-challenged. Several years ago, denim came back and in a big way. The idea that you could wear a neutral on top like denim with bright colored jeans was an unstoppable trend and one that I happily jumped from bandwagon to bandwagon following. However, the chambray is no longer a simple chambray. 
You can't just have one denim shirt. You must have:
1. Your basic true blue denim 
2. Your deep wash denim
3. Your faded, light slightly worn looking denim
4. Your gray toned denim
5. Your denim tunic
6. Your denim with embellishments

(How many of these chambray style shirts currently hang in my closet is irrelevant)

Every year I breathe a sigh of relief as I realize that I'm finally up to date with the denim trend. Then JCREW finds yet another way to throw my closet for a loop. But what JCREW doesn't know, is that I'm considering offering myself up as a personal style fortune teller. And what I mean by that is, I will tell you what you need to make before the rest of the world is making it.
Don't believe me?

Exhibit A:

Where to begin? Lets start with a basic countdown of what we've got:
1. Basic true blue denim
2. Denim dress
3. His/hers (brother/sister) unisex denim
4. Light faded short sleeved denim
5. Dark wash denim
6. I wear Ralph Lauren denim
7. Tunic denim

Why did NOBODY think I was cool in middle school? I was wearing chambray! How is it possible that I was awkward and deemed a social leper by many? (My husband just informed me that it didn't have anything to do with the way I dressed)

Let's start from the top. First, Mama SheShe, way to go on the outfit selection. I think baggy denim and white khaki pants is a good look on pretty much everyone. Plus, if Dad spills something on his shirt, he can just borrow yours. Its a win-win. 
Dot, dear Dot, I'm going to say this politely and honestly I'm shocked I'm saying this at all, but this might have been a good opportunity to tuck your shirt in ... and I don't say that often. 
I'm assuming this is for a Christmas card in DECEMBER, so I'm curious why Chelsea's chambray is short-sleeved. Although I do appreciate our family's ability to show the true range of the denim chambray - whatever the style, we will rock it.
I'm pretty sure my mom couldn't find a denim chambray or schman khakis in the girls section at JC Penney, so I'm going to give it to her for creativity. Mom, I appreciate your confidence in my gender at the age of 12. Not many mothers could dress their chubby middle school daughter in their son's clothes and not have that daughter scarred for life/grow up to do weird things like write blog posts about said outfits. 
And if someone had to be the winner of this photo, it would definitely have to be Darel. It helps to be three years old. You can basically pull off anything. 

My feet got cold, so naturally I had to put on a pair of socks that matched the color of my pants.
Also, not sure why Shea needed a Santa hat in this photo, but he looks a little unsure about the whole situation. 
If you are looking for some good staging for your family photos this year, squishing everyone into as few stairs as possible is always a safe bet. If there's ever not room for that last random person, just put them on the step above everyone else - it will look fantastic. 

So there you have it. As always, the fashionable Smarts proclaiming, "We have many talents, but by far our best, is all being able to fit into the same shirt."
Sisterhood of the Traveling Chambray.
Its a thing. And if its not, it should be.


Sarah said...

We have a family picture in all denim as well. An eternal classic.I love your blog.

ellen said...

You should do stand up.

Mindy said...

Your so funny! Your family is ALWAYS cool. That's why they have so many cool family pics with the latest trends, although I'm a little disappointed there are no denim overalls. I saw those in the mall the other day....can't believe they are back!