Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obligatory October Post...in November

 If I don't post about October now, it will be Christmas time before I get around to it. 
Obviously its been a busy month, but we were still able to squeeze in some fun things. I felt horrible missing out on trick or treating this year, but it was way too cold (and rainy) for Anna. However, we did have a couple nice days and we were able to make it to the pumpkin patch twice. So as a family we definitely hit some crucial October activities this year.

For Halloween Ev wanted to be monster. I thought for sure she'd want to be Hello Kitty, but after asking her about a hundred times she insisted on being "the blue monster from Costco." I don't know what it is with my kid and Costco, but she freaking loves that place. She begs me to take her to Costco on a weekly basis and I often oblige. Anyway, when Ev said she wanted to be a monster we tried to talk her into Sully or Mike, but she just wanted to be a generic one and hey, you gotta love a girl who knows what she wants. 

Nick's mom (and sister Jillian) were in town this weekend so Grandma got to take Ev trick or treating. They had such a good time and although I wasn't there to witness, apparently Ev grasped the concept of it quite quickly and was running from house to house. I can't wait to all dress up next year.

Ev with her friends Henry and Charlotte (they are twins). She is mildly obsessed with Charlotte. She always talks about her and asks me to go to their house frequently.

Nick took Ev through not one, but TWO haunted houses. She loved them both ... at least that's what Nick claims. 

We were able to make a quick trip to the pumpkin patch as a family. To be honest, it was pretty terrible. Ev was ornery, Anna was starving and I think I slept walked the entire time. 

But once a Griswald, always a Griswald.
"Clark, I think Audrey's frozen."

And you do what you gotta do for some good old family time. 

Bear... he's part of the family now.

We went a few days before Halloween so it was incredibly picked over as far as pumpkins go. Plus Ev wanted to choose the ones we got, so we had a very classy assortment of lumpy/moldy pumpkins.

Anna was a champ. She suffered through cold and hunger while her sister picked out some crazy pumpkins. Here she is happily fed and holding her head up like a boss. Seriously this girl is so strong.
Like Layla Ali strong.

Here is Nick, carving pumpkins for FHE.
Of course we had to buy the Hello Kitty pumpkin carving kit at the store. 
Nick and I had the discussion that when we were kids, you actually knew who was good at carving pumpkins and who wasn't because they didn't sell every kind of kit to help you make the perfect pumpkin. And I'm not trying to brag or anything, but the Smarts always had the best pumpkins because my Dad is is crazy talented when it comes to things that aren't necessarily a competition, but should be. IE: Boy Scout cakes = 15 boxes of cake mix and Godzilla destroying a very tasty cherry chip flavored Tokyo.

Anna enjoyed carving pumpkins too.

Ev spent the majority of the evening running around the house with sharp objects.
Yay parenthood!

Ev actually didn't have much interest in carving pumpkins, especially when she saw how sticky the insides were. She hates getting her hands dirty. So naturally she suggested putting on her apron to avoid getting sticky hands, which totally makes sense right?

She insisted we "wear aprons together."

One of our Hello Kitty pumpkins.

Some more monster photos.

Nick wanted to take Ev to the law school and show her off in her costume. We stopped by on the way to one of our Halloween parties (Ev kept calling them "tea parties"). She roared at everyone and tried to scare them - it was adorable.

My friend Marci made this hat for Anna.
Cutest pumpkin in town!

So I wasn't planning on dressing up Anna at all, since we basically stayed home during Halloween, but my sister found this mermaid costume for practically free and shipped it to us.
Thanks Aunt Dot!

If we were going for a theme, I'd say Ev was the loch ness monster and Anna was a mermaid. Mysterious fantastical creatures?
I know, its bad. Hopefully we can put together something a little more impressive next year.

 So we didn't have much of a theme, but everybody looked pretty cute.
Especially Batman.

 Although I realize now that Batman might be offended that I called him cute.
Sorry Batman.

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch was actually without Nick (he was at school) and it was pretty much my first outing with two kids. Although it went quite smoothly since my mom was with us.

Anna was only 10 days old, but she braved the mid-sixty weather quite well.

It helped that she was completely covered in 3 inches of fleece.

Not sure if Anna is a fan of pumpkins.


Cassie Tremblay said...

I literally laughed out loud at the Griswald line and that pumpkin toque is so so cute!

Alix said...

Your family is so adorable. Love you guys and wish we lived closer! :)

Darrell said...

Those kids are so stinking cute. I'm glad grandma M got to take Evelyn treat or treating. Love the pumpkin hat and thanks for the shout out re competitions when no one is competing but us Smarts.

Chris'sBlog said...

Love that Ev knew what she wanted to be! So cute! Anna is a little doll!!!!!!! Congrats on making it out a few times with 2! Go you!!