Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Admiring Our Work

Now that we are funneling into basketball season, our TV is on a lot. I know there are some haters out there, but the Jordan household is totally rooting for a Heat three-peat this year. 

Nick has taught Ev how to make the Blake Griffin "dunk" face. Its pretty hilarious. If you ask her what she likes better, basketball or football, she promptly replies, "Basketball!"
Aaaaaaaand my work is done. 

Anyway, all this basketball got me thinking about how similar LeBron James and I are. I was thinking about how weird it must be to turn on ESPN and basically watch clips of yourself over and over and hear announcers talk about how awesome you are. To be compared to the best basketball player of all time and to constantly be in the Top Ten highlights. Do you feel a sense of pride every time you watch yourself or do you admire your athletic abilities as you destroy someone's self confidence while dunking in their face? I kept asking myself all these questions and then after a few minutes I realized I know exactly how LeBron feels.

I never tire of looking at my children or hearing people tell me how adorable they are. I could never get sick of admiring my work - because it is pretty close to perfect. Everyday is like the Top Ten highlights (often followed by some low lights, but lets focus on the positive) and to be honest, it gets better everyday. My chest puffs with pride when Evie distinguishes the difference between a triangle and a square, much like LeBron's (probably) does when he watches himself play. And I realize that I'm taking a lot of credit for how amazing my kids are. In reality, I probably have very little to do with their intelligence and charm, but in my delusional sleep deprived mind it's all me (and Nick - guess I should give him some credit). And even though much of who our children are is beyond our control (LIKE HOW DID MY KID GET SO STUBBORN...Oh wait...), I'd like to think that some of it has to do with the work Nick and I put in as parents. 

And I hate to be one of "those" parents who shamelessly talks nonstop about how beautiful their children are, but if you read this blog then you know that's exactly who I am.

I come from a long line of shameless braggers. I can't help it. Perfection and popularity breeds perfection and popularity - at least that's what I was told. My Dad always asked me if I ever got sick of being so cute and popular (I wasn't really, but if you get told something enough, you believe it! And trust me, I believed it) growing up. Uhhh, did Cher Horowitz ever get sick of being popular? AS IF! She used her popularity for a good cause!
And I'm gonna take shameless to a new level and say that my good cause is bearing beautiful children. YOU'RE WELCOME, EARTH.

And even if I have a really crappy day (today), I can go to bed (or not really, since sleep is a word of the past) knowing that A) My kids are beautiful despite making me want to poke my eyes out with a Hello Kitty pen, and B) My Dad says I'm cute and popular, so it must be true! 
So things can't be that bad...

And for the record, I would totally fist bump both of my children and tell them how awesome they are if they were awake right now. 

Anna - 2 weeks old.

Making her "scary" Halloween face.

Ev's really into wearing Anna's headbands like a hipster.

We got a mini Kenny G on our hands.

Her hair gets cuter (and more tangly) everyday.

Thank you G & G Smart for the dress!

Ev insisted on wearing this headband to church. 

Blake Griffin dunk face!

Anna look so much like Evie here.

My squishy.

"Excuse me while I rest my cheeks on my shoulders."

A mad Anna.

So we have this ocean themed playmat. Ev LOVES playing on it. She usually has to put on her swimsuit/sunglasses first since she's "going to the beach to see the ocean." (She's in her Hello Kitty swimsuit here)

I love my family.

Working tummy time.

Ev is also into doing "tummy time." She always wants to do it next to Anna on her Ket.

We've got some good tummy timers at our house.

The joys of nursing when you have a toddler.

My fave.

Seriously, crazy hair!

One month old.

2 weeks old.

Ev "feeding" bear.

Can't lie, I love my job.


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Kiley said...

i'm loving all the pictures! your kids are beautiful!