Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Running Joke

For a couple years, Nick and I have been playing this game.
It involves this very attractive button pin from my senior year of varsity basketball:

I can't remember who started it, but one of us found it and clandestinely pinned it in the other's closet.  Since then we've been secretly trading it back and forth, while trying to find the most bizarre places to put it. Sometimes months will go by before one of us finds it sneakily pinned to the back of a t-shirt or in one of our drawers. The goal is to surprise the other person, so its actually beneficial if months go by before it is discovered. 
I found it a few days ago pinned to an item of clothing I haven't worn in months and had a good laugh. I showed Ev today and asked her who it was and she said, "Aunt Dee Dee."
Apparently I'm unrecognizable since High School. 
I had Ev "help" me place it today. She LOVES to take things out of my drawers and play with them. Lately she's been favoring my tights/bras. Its hilarious. So when I suggested she pick something of Nick's to attach it to, she was totally onboard. 
Nick is super busy with school so he probably won't read this post. But if he does, he'll enjoy going through his socks and trying to find the button. I hope when we're seventy, we'll still be pinning this terribly unflattering button onto our smelly old people clothes.

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Kiley said...

i dont know what you're talking about. girl basketball players are HOT. especially you.