Monday, November 25, 2013


My mom thinks Anna looks like Aunt Jemima in these head wraps.

Aaaaaaand I sort of agree.

I also have to agree with Aunt Jemima. 
Every bite of Anna's cheeks are 'Mm-m-m, Happifyin' Light!'
I mean seriously - kissing them is like eating a buttery pancake (but without the calories!).

 Serious Jemima.

Bored Jemima.

 Happy Jemima.

Cheetah Jemima.

Say What? Jemima.

 Petrified Jemima.

As you can see, our Lil' Jemima is getting real expressive on us.
We love it!


Grandma Cher said...

She is Adorable!!! Biggest Eyes ever!!! You are so lucky!!!

Darrell said...

So cute, I could eat her like pancakes and syrup!