Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Anna turned six weeks old yesterday.
Here's a little recap.

Four weeks.

Five weeks.

Sisterly love - Anna's totally into it.

She loves tummy time. I think she'd sleep on her tummy if I let her.

Anna received her first letter from Aunt Dee Dee. When I saw it I couldn't help but think David Spade's prophetic words in my head, "That has to be you."

The entire front was also covered in stamps.

Six weeks.

Six facts about Anna at six weeks:
1. She is so snuggly. Ev has never been a snuggler so I'm definitely soaking it up this time. Its hard at 3 AM when she wants to sleep in bed with me instead of her hammock, but I still love it.
2. Which brings me to her sleep habits. I think she has her days and nights mixed up. I'm not sure though. She just has very long stretches (3-4 hours) where she is awake at night. She's not fussy, but she just wants to be held or rocked. She NEVER goes to bed before 1:30 AM even if I keep her up for hours before, which makes me think her internal clock thinks its daytime. She eats every 2-3 hours still, but I can't complain because she almost never cries.
3. She is such a good eater. I can't believe how easy nursing has been this time and I'm incredibly grateful for that. I was just dreading doing it since it was so awful with Ev, but I'm happily surprised at how good Anna is at stuffing her face ... although now I realize I shouldn't be surprised at something like that - I mean, she is my kid. 
4. She's really starting to smile. I forgot how exciting it is to have new milestones constantly. I feel like everyday Anna is growing and doing new things and this time I'm 100% relaxed and enjoying it. I appreciate the things she learns how to do without stressing if she's "behind," at all. Sometimes I hate those weekly Baby Center emails!
5. Hates the carseat! Not that I'm surprised, Ev was a carseat hater as well - can't blame them though, it looks terribly uncomfortable. We endure a lot of crying when we go from here to there, but it's worth it for me to get out of the house everyday.
6. She is darling. Crazy hair, big eyes and buttery, kissable cheeks! We can''t get enough of our perfect Bananarama!


MaryJane said...

Love! And just unsubscribe from the Baby Center mail!

Jana said...

6 weeks already?? She's so beautiful, love her on her tummy. Mine would only sleep on their tummies, I was a rebel and let them ;) I can't wait to peek at her next Sunday!

Darrell said...

fantastic post!