Saturday, December 7, 2013

Closer to 30

I turned 26 last month and am now officially closer to 30 than I am to 20.
I gotta say though, its not that bad getting older (at least not yet). I'm definitely more tired and creaky, but I actually feel more wise as well. Notice I didn't say intelligent, just wise. Parenthood has brought me more wisdom than I could have imagined, but my IQ has suffered a little. I frequently use words like 'potty,' and 'owie,' when talking to Nick and the other day Ev asked me what internet was and it literally took me five minutes to think of an answer. (Seriously though! How would YOU describe internet to a toddler?)
That said, 25 was a good year for me.
Bring it, 26!

My dad's brother and his wife happened to be in town visiting my cousin Jack, who is also a law student at U of O, so my parents and Chels came down to see them (and eat some cake!)

Coconut Lemon cake for me ... some triple dark chocolate for everyone else (yuck).
Ev put on the candles all by herself.

Like Grandpa, like granddaughter.

Evelyn is so obsessed with her Grandpa. She constantly asks to call him on the phone and when she's mad at me she cries for him, "I WANT MY GWAMMMPA!!"
It's adorable.
And whoever said you can't buy happiness was right. But you can BRIBE it. And Grandpa sure knows how to bust out the candy at each opportune moment.

Ev and her Grandpa spent many hours coloring.

Ohhhh, the baby whisperer doing her thang. 

The baby daddy, doing his thang as well.

 Aunt Chi Chi was kind enough to watch the girls so Nick and I could go see Thor (Chris Hemworth, MARRY ME) with my parents. Having a 5 week old baby didn't slow me down! I was still able to party like old times (AKA take a much needed nap).

Also, being spoiled never gets old - I love it! Thanks everyone!

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