Thursday, January 21, 2016


Nick has his ... WAIT FOR IT ... THIRD surgery of the year in December.
I feel like we are becoming experts on the art of out-patient procedures.

This time, we had to head to Seattle to get his ear drum repaired a second time. It was the longest day of my life (Nick was under anesthetic the whole day, so it probably didn't feel that long to him). 

No funny videos this time. He was mostly sleepy and couldn't shake the anesthesia. 


Our crooked tree and Clark Griswold = Christmas perfection. I really really REALLY want a fur tree skirt but they are like a million dollars. And for some reason Santa put me on the naughty list and I received nothing this year. 

Recovering in style.

Bathrobes and slippers.

I made a felt tree in hopes that it would deter my kids from messing with my tree. Guess what?! They mess with both.

A tale of two trees.

This is me, signing Nick's life away. He's climbing the Matterhorn in July and he has to have spousal approval - but let's be honest, he does what he wants anyway. Ha! JK, I'm happy he's going and I'm honestly a little jealous.

Me and my girl.
My parents took their grandkids to Beauty and the Beast on broadway in Portland. It was fantastic. Evie kept saying,"Mom, when does Belle come out in her yellow dress?" and "Mom, when do the people come closer to me so I can touch them?" 

Intermission for some people.

Telling her Dad about the Beast.

World's Best Grandpa.

The girls!


I took a million pictures of Ev just jaunting around in her dress and coat. She looked so cute and busy.

"Open Alligator!"
(Alligator = elevator)

Church w/ her sister cousin.

Might have watched this by myself and texted my sister like 12 times while doing so.

My sweet baby. Her hair really isn't that curly, but when it gets wet (sweaty) it gets a little wavy. She's my beauty.

Not sure if she's awake.

She's definitely awake here. 9 PM (two hours past her bedtime) and she's just chilling, making a mess of her room.

A series of awkward and weird photos of Ev.

This one's cute.

Best one of the two of them.



Six pancakes later...

If you hate me, please give my children fridge magnets. I HATE THEM. My kids drag them all over my house and shove them places where they don't belong. 
My children however, LOVE them to pieces. 

"I just shoved a magnet where you'll never find it."

Writing a letter to Santa.

She addressed it herself.

And delivered it herself.

Such a magical childhood moment.

"Mom, this is definitely going to get to Santa super fast."

Felt tree love.

We did the Santa train at Mt. Rainier National Park this year.

The steam engine was LEGIT.

They gave out free sugar cookies (handed to you by an elf) and Anna was in heaven.

Hot cocoa and cookies while we wait for Santa to come find us.

I love Washington State.

Santa! And a very weirdly dressed Mrs. Claus...

Everybody received a jingle bell from one of the 8 reindeer. Anna's was from Blitzen and Evie's was from Rudolph.

Seriously Mrs. Claus, that hat is terrible.

He was such a good Santa! (He also had GIGANTIC Nelly diamond earrings...)


He walked around and chatted with everyone.

Santa: "I'm sorry, Darel, but you're on the naughty list this year."

Seriously couldn't get over this awesome steam engine.

Coolest people ever.

Be my friend on snap chat because you'll get like fifteen of these a day.

We've had so much snow this year! It's been really fun ... but now that Christmas is over ... Spring can come now.

We have since taken away the pacifier ... I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT. It's been traumatizing, but we're survivors.

Olafina, our Princess snow girl.

One of Anna's ten billion trillion doctor appointments this winter. She's had a sick couple months. We've got one more dermatologist appointment and I think we will be home free.

She loves Dr. Tompkins ... and so do I.
First time in my motherhood life that I've liked our pediatrician.

Wearing that troll shirt 24/7/365.

Anna's favored sleeping position these days. I call it the floating log.

One more for good measure!


ashley: said...

1. Olivia needs that troll shirt and so do I
2. That train situation looks fantastic I am doing that next year
3. Next time you come to seattle and are bored in a hospital you contact me and I will bring all sorts of fun with me.
4. If only I could find a good pediatrician, they have all annoyed me so far

Tiffany said...

Lol hilarious. All of it.

Alix said...

I might just get a snap chat to get 15 of those pictures a day. Love you!