Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thanksgiving or as Rick Astley would say, "Never Gonna Give You Up!"

Wahoo! Finally blogging. Obviously I'm having a hard time finding time to blog, but here I am! Over Thanksgiving break we went snowshoeing. The best part was bringing Darel's boyfriend (now fiance) along because he's from Texas and has no experience with snow and watching him was awesome. He loved it! But I think he might think we are crazy bringing a bunch of babies and toddlers snowshoeing. 

Speaking of babies:

Waiting on someone ... I'm guessing it's Dot.

It was COLD.

Elle loved every minute of it.

Kent! The first time snowshoer.

Chi Chi - modeling in the snow.

Just crossing a bridge with a baby.

Probably one of the safer things I've done with my kids.

PNW = the best.

(And she's nice, too!)

Some candids of my lovely face.

Workin' it.

Seahawks fans - minus Shea and Becky. Also, I look awful in all these pictures - WHY?!


Cheesy pic of the sibs.

So I asked Kent to take some candids of everyone in the kitchen on Thanksgiving because it's always so busy with a million of us running around (everybody has a job to do!) and 90% of them are blurry in some way. Welcome to the family, Kent!

Me, perfecting orange rolls, Mama sprinting across the kitchen.

Darel ... probably shouldn't be allowed to touch anything.

Chels - the green bean Queen.

Nick ... ???

Grandma arranging rolls.

Legendary stuffing. This might be my final meal of choice if I was on death row. It's such a simple recipe but nothing I've ever had can top my Grandma's recipe. Should Darel have been trusted with such a treasure?

Chopping away.

Gramps, doing his thing.

The Spread!

Seriously the best day of the year.

I did orange rolls and regular rolls this year - NAILED IT.

My beloved yams in the background and chocolate turkeys from See's (a tradition that I love so much even though I never eat the turkey).

Some weirdos at the table.

Chelsea lovingly and patiently punched leaves into the butter so we could really dine in style. After Ev's fourth butter leaf, I decided we should probably make her stop.
"Mom, the butter was my favorite part of dinner."

Floral arrangement. My mom leaves no detail untouched!

Not the best angle for Nick, but I look fly in this pic so it's going on the bloggy blog.
Sorry, honey!

I'm disgusting. And yes, 75% of my plate is stuffing.
It always is...

Some good men doing dishes.

The nastiest picture of all of us, but gotta document the annual Turkey bowl! It was Cole's first time playing and he did awesome.

Best friends.


Her face is dirty and I'm such a good mom.

Elle Belle looking like Tipsy Wipsy or whatever the heck that Teletubby is called.

And our Christmas lights this year!
Nick did such a good job. 

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