Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Post Is Basically About Nothing

Just trying to catch up on Ye Ole Blog.

One of our babysitters Sadee, gave Evie this doll. It used to be Sadee's and then I think it was passed down to her other three sisters and all have since out grown dollies. Evie, surprisingly, LOVES this doll. She's never been much of a dolly girl, but this little baby is the light of her life. Evelyn named her "Sadee Elsa," and calls her Elsa for short.

A great pre-church photo of two sisters.

Had to share this. All the other preschool children were grateful for their parents ... but our child doesn't have parents, just grandparents. Also, "I love Everybody?!" Que EYE ROLL...

Singing time buds.

On Mondays during Preschool, our days look like this:

Because ... YOLO.

Be grateful for what you have.

Falling asleep in random places is my favorite thing ever.

This is not a Flashback Friday, but I took a picture of this picture that is FRAMED IN MY PARENT'S HOUSE (for real!). One of my senior pictures - YIKES. Guys, I remember thinking I was so cute and model-y in this picture. It's so bad. Like SO SO bad. 

Fell asleep while we were reading = Best thing ever.

Weird snaggle smile in this pic, but we still love her.

Preschool Field Trip to the Fire Station.

Firemen are the most admirable, awesome people in the world.
(I forgot to mention smoking hot, but this is a family blog...)

Can I just put in a little plug about being able to go with Ev to all of her field trips? I'm so grateful I get to be an active part of her life even though it's preschool and not super important, I'm glad I get to be there. 

Slumber Party with Aunt Chi Chi.

Cole's Baptism Day.

A happy (and sad) day, but wonderful to be gathered to celebrate such a special boy.

"Mom! An ocean of leaves!"

Blue Star Donuts.
DISCLAIMER: Yes, I wore my muu muu out in public, but it's Portland and you can do whatever the heck you want and no one judges you. WHY DID I EVER LEAVE OREGON? 

Two peas in a pod.

Also, there was not a greasier head of hair on Earth that day.

Pre-Baptism Pic.

My twin soul.

My squeeze baby.

Aaaaaaaaand here she is:

A rare winter day where we could do chalk.


I was going to do this post about how Ev killed it at the dentist, but then we had to go back to get a minor cavity fixed and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. It was horrible. The hygienist, finally said to Ev, "You're scaring people, Honey."

Hahahaha. My life is just to hilarious sometimes.
Also, if you don't laugh, you cry.

Pancake lover extreme. 

My life is THE BEST. I mean, look at that belly!

For my birthday this year, Nick and I had a weekend in Seattle (he had some CLE for work) with my parents and my sister. It was full of shopping, food AND DANIEL CRAIG.

Random cute pic of Ev.

This is a beyond terrible picture of Nick and I, but it was the only one we took all weekend that wasn't blurry. Yay, us!

Dinner at the Brooklyn.

I'm so cheesy!

Took the girls to lunch one day ...
Here they are eating the pre-lunch before the lunch. MOMS - YA FEEL ME ON THIS ONE?!

Alone in the movie theater with these weirdos.

She will wear these glasses all day. It's so weird and hilarious at the same time.


"Mom, take a picture of me and Peanut posing together."

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jennica said...

You are the best mom ever!!! And I 100% disagree. I love your highschool senior pic! You do look model-y!! Im not even joking!