Monday, October 26, 2015

Oceanside, OR

After the Hero-Up Race, we all needed some R&R, so we headed to Oceanside with our friends.

The weather was perfect. Beautiful during the day, perfect for a bonfire at night.

The weather wasn't warm enough to swim in my opinion, but our kids didn't care - they are impervious to freezing water...unless it's in a bathtub.

Molly was so cute shuffling around, showing off that perfectly round baby gut.

And this little goober! She had the time of her life running all over the place. Also, her smile is so crooked and I sort of love it.

Keep it that way, Cindy Lou Who!

Ev taking a dip.

Literally freezing cold water.

A giant and her Thumbelina.


Anna has about ten words (way behind for a two year-old) and one of them is Molly. MA-EEE! It's so cute.

Frisbee players.

I hope her smile is crooked forever.
Also, this was before her haircut. Rest assured, she no longer has a mullet.

Everyone smiling for the photo ... and me, eating smores.


The Lindsay Moons.

Contemplating LIFE.

Smores = serious business.

Marshmallow face.

Disgusting, but cute.

Landon, Anna, Erik, Ev, Zoey

Heceta Lighthouse.


It was such a fun trip! We hope to make it an annual thing! That is ... if our friends can handle us every year.


jennica said...

Your pictures are so good! Love those sunset ones!!

Darrell said...

Amazing pictures and gorgeous people, especially, those little children.