Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Most Disappointing Winter

Another round of "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain," (seriously, that song is the WORST)

However, watching them dance to my off key singing is the BEST.

"Anna! This is NOT ring-a-round the rosie! Get up!"

"Why isn't everyone falling down?"

"She'll be riding six white horses when she comes..."

"She'll want to punch herself in the face when she sings this song..."

As mentioned, our winter has been quite terrible as far as snowfall is concerned. We've had basically no snow to play in and Nick has hardly used his Ski Pass. Now that its March and I'm seeing all the East Coast/Utah Instagram posts of snow ... I sort of don't want that to happen here. Snow had its chance, but March is not that time. I love snow, but I've already spent several days at the park blowing bubbles with my kids ... and you can't come back from that. 

The one time it actually did snow, it was fine and powdery - not good for snowman building. You need heavy packing snow that is slightly wet (trust me, I spent hours building snow forts during recess while I was in Elementary school). We did our best however and had the best time.

Ev mostly ate snow, while I desperately tried to pack it into a snow mound.

Behold, the world's creepiest snow mound.

Ev loved it.

"Hey mom, can I eat its face?"
"No, I will get you some of your own Oreos."
"How about I eat these ones and we put the other ones on my snowman?"

This happens way too often, but I'm sort of okay with that.

Tub love snap chats.

I'm a moron and forgot to make her take off her slippers before I dropped her off at preschool.

I know this might not seem like a big deal, but this was the first time Ev let me put bubbles in the tub. She's always hated them...until she realized they are super fun and you can make bubble beards.

I already posted this on Instagram, but my mom watched the kids for us one night. 

A happy Anna series:

I need to post a video of Anna walking because her little toddle is just darling. She has a real soldier walk and its adorable.

Guys! I put polka dots on my wall.

We're not allowed to paint and I was going insane with the white walls, plus we are poor ... soon $10 polka dots did the trick! Although, I would really appreciate some advice. Now that the polka dots are up ... what the heck do I put on my wall? Its such a big wall that I'm just not sure. I've put a few things up for now, but I'm not sure that its what I want. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

And I realize I should have cleaned before I took this pics but AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.


ellen said...

what about a banner?

Sydney said...

Ellen! I love this! Thanks for sharing!