Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Turkey Time

This year we went to Yakima for Thanksgiving.

These two - little buddies. (Or should I say three, since Bear's in the picture as well)

Shea and his namesake Anna Shea. They have a special bond already. Anna fell asleep in Shea's arms the instant he picked her up. I guess its a Shea thing...
 Annual Turkey Bowl Pic. Grapes (Shea, Jack, Me) vs. Raisins (Chelsea, Kevin, Dad) and Nick as all-time QB. Everybody scored a touchdown. And everybody was sore the next day. Especially me, it was the first time I'd really worked out post-baby and there were parts of my body that were sore that I didn't know even existed. Boo on getting back in shape!
Grapes won in overtime!

Kardashians au naturale.

The spread.

Chi Chi

This is a horrible picture, but its what you get with the Smart fam.


Thanksgiving is hands down, my favorite holiday. The older I get, the more I look forward to it. It has everything I love in life all at once - food, family and Ticket to Ride with my siblings. We especially had much to be grateful for as we celebrated with our sweet 6 week old Anna. Babies are just magical, at least for me. Anna's intoxicating smell and buttery skin are all I needed for a happy Thanksgiving (and maybe three plates of stuffing). 
Thanks Durrell and Shelly for hosting - you sure know how to throw a wicked party. If my mom's cooking, the cows (quite literally) come running home. 

And I forgot to blog about this, but right before we headed to Yakima for Thanksgiving, Anna had her first Sunday at church. She looked beautiful and was a peach per usual. I had to leave my primary class to nurse her third hour, but other than that she slept like a dolly.

I was like, "Nick take a picture of us since we all are dressed, bathed, etc." and here's the best we got. In my head these photos always look perfect, but I've come to terms that my life is perfect, just not necessarily in that way. Also, squatting is not the most flattering pose FYI.


Tara Hibbard said...

I'm seriously dying over Anna's Sunday outfit! Cutest dress ever! You look great too, super cute! Looks like such a fun Thanksgiving! Love ya!

Darrell said...

Thanksgiving was the bomb! Anna Shea made it magical!