Sunday, December 8, 2013

Things I've Said

I should learn to shut my mouth. I've said way too many things that come back to bite me. However, the dumbest thing I've ever said by far is, "I'll get that done when things aren't so crazy."

So basically they will never get done.
Newsflash - things will be crazy for awhile, and that's okay. I'm learning to accept that the craziness, while definitely manageable, is a daily part of my life and I'm grateful for that. I've always considered myself an anal, particular, organized person and I often feared that if things weren't exactly how I wanted them I would turn into a psycho mom dinosaur and stomp around all pouty. And while I still like to have things a certain way and I enjoy having a color coordinated closet and an alphabetized spice rack, I've also learned that I'm okay with NOT having those things too. And I'm so grateful that I've been able to not go crazy while experiencing the crazy (Nick might beg to differ) because I'm so thankful to have two perfect wild-haired girls. 

The Ev.
She is Miss Personality Plus. She almost exclusively calls me "Sinny," and she is turning into such a ham. This girl loves attention (yikes) and is starting to remind me way too much of myself (double yikes), but we love her still the same.

Ev - "Sinny, I'm worried about you."
Me - "Why are you worried about me?"
Ev - "Because I don't want you to vacuum."
Me - "Well you spilled an entire container of sprinkles, so I have to vacuum them up."
Ev - "Its okay Sinny, I get them." (Then starts to lick them off the floor)

Bear is Ev's child. If Anna is not in her carseat, Bear is, often in Anna's hat and safely buckled in with a warm blanket. Ev also insists that we brush Bear's hair and give it a bow each day. We've also been changing Bear's diaper and making special meals of pink waffles and green bacon out of play doh for it. 

Our sweet, happy Anna. She is such a joy.
And if I had a dime for every time someone stopped me to comment on her hair, I would have enough money to pay off our law school loans ... today. 

 Ev is old enough now to know that she's funny. If I laugh at something she does, she will repeat it and say, "Sinny I'm funny! You laugh at me!"

Its no coincidence that our Anna Banana looks delicious in yellow.

I love her terrified camera flash face.

And let's be real and discuss the cuteness of her double chin.
Nobody rocks it like Anna.

Working it.
Please note: the belly.

Hamming it up.

"Sinny! Anna's falling!"

"We're so cute, Sinny."

I hope they always love each other.

And now, a series of adorable photos.
Seriously, sit down. You might faint from pure cuteness.

And I promise to someday blog about something other than my children.
I'm just not getting out that much these days and they are clearly a large portion of my daily life. 
Plus, its just too fun to talk about them. 


Cassie Tremblay said...

Love that she calls you sinny haha !!! And Anna does look amaze in yellow!!

Kiley said...
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Kiley said...

Your girls are so cute!!!! I wish I could cuddle Anna and talk sass with Ev. Miss you!