Sunday, June 16, 2013

For All the Big Poppas

I've had people ask me if I'm ever serious.
Of course I am! Just look at the father's day card I made Nick:



He loved it. (Mostly because its true!)
Nick is the raddest dad and I'm so glad, he's mine (and Ev's) to be had!
Okay I'll stop rhyming, but you know where I'm going with this.

Remember how I said this girl would not get in the pool? Well apparently she just doesn't get in the pool with Mom. Ouch. Except I can't really be mad at these two since they are such buds. Minus the hair, lips and occasional sassiness, Ev is her daddy's girl through and through.

So how did we holla for all the poppas in our house today?
Omelets and milkshakes for breakfast,

snuggling while watching the new North America series,

and a little daddy-daughter photo shoot.

Her favorite person to snuggle with is Nick.
Que: heart melting.

And it happened to be a good opportunity to try and snap one of all 3 1/2 of us (I'm 23 weeks!)

EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, keeps telling me how I don't even look pregnant yet. I know they are trying to be nice, but it feels like daggers in my fat rolls because that is a really nice way of saying, "You look chubby."

And if you have said that or will say that to me, its okay we can still be friends. I will just secretly cry in the bathroom while I eat seven donuts and my feelings because no pregnant woman wants to be told she doesn't look pregnant. It's like being asked if you're pregnant when you're not. D-A-G-G-E-R-S, people.

But that's trivial schlubby talk. Who cares about my emotional roller coaster of a personality right now when you can look at my beautiful fam?

They are the bees knees, I tell ya.

The sexiest baby daddy in town.

A special thanks to Chi-Chi for photographing these memories AND coming back to Yaktown to holla to our poppa (the Wolverine).

Ev and I made a sign for all the Dad's in our life (Nick, Wolverine and my Grandpa - whom Ev lovingly calls "Grandpa Great").

Father's day can be hard when you realize that you are not a father and all the presents are in fact, not for you.

Despite Ev's hilarious tantrum, I know she loves all the father figures in her life. And I hope that someday she can understand the full magnitude of having so many amazing men surrounding her. Its a blessing that many don't have and I hope she can learn to appreciate it. 

The three men pictured above (plus my Grandpa Smart who has passed away) are my favorite boys in the world. I love them all (especially Master Chiseled Jaw).

Holla to all the Poppas!


Anonymous said...

Such great pics! Happy Father's Day to nick! And Hannah threw this kind of fit on Mother's Day when she realized none of the gifts were for her...drama drama

Darcee said...

Love that card! ha!
Also, your poster puts mine to shame. I shutter at the thought. Check out my latest post and you'll see why. #5,732 why I struggle as a homemaker.
Love the pics of you guys! Looking adorbs, even if you are pregnant and yes, not as svelt as usual. It's okay. You're making a baby. It takes a lot of donuts to do that.

Rachey Elder said...

Ha ha you are hilarious. That card is awesome and I hope nick appreciated it. Love all the family pics, you look so good! I'm seriously gigantor now! I have that same dress and you look way cuter in it than I do. #fail for me. You make one cute preggs.

Darrell said...

thanks for the post, the card, the gift and the shout out!

Tara Hibbard said...

Cute pics! You look great. I'm not sure what's worse, people telling you that you don't look pregnant or people constantly telling you how big you are...

Sydney said...

Haha. Tara I totally agree! People just need to say one phrase and that phrase is, "You look great!" They should say that no matter what because its hard to hear anything else!