Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Man of the Hour

Once again, its that time of year,
when Master Chiseled Jaw deserves a cheer.
But Hoorah's not enough, and Yay's a bore,
this guy is studly, right down to the core.
As the Man of the Hour, he needs a rhyme,
and luckily I've written one just in time.

He's 27 on this rather sunny day,
Thank you Oregon, for cooperating today.
He's accomplished much in all those years,
he's admired and loved by all his peers.
I'll state the obvious, and mention his charm,
and heaven help me when he flexes his arm.

He's dad of the year, and husband number one,
adventurous, athletic, and tons of fun.
He'll climb mountains, fish, and shoot out the lights,
then come home and crochet on Bachelor nights.
He's an enigma, I know, he's tough to understand,
but then again you don't have too, since he's my man.

So happy birthday to one swell fellow,
the Kardashian in me loves that he's mellow.
Like his idol, the beloved Batman,
Nick helps others whenever he can.
A guy like that deserves the best,
because he's a mile above the rest!


Rachey Elder said...

K you are the cutest wife ever! Mad rhyming skills yo! Happy birthday Nick!

Darrell said...

Nick is a true renaissance man for sure! We're all lucky!

chelsea said...

Happy bday Nick! You still won't get the month of Feb on the family calendar but we're still glad you're part of the family!