Monday, February 4, 2013

Last Day in Hawaii

Our last day in Hawaii was sad. Nobody wanted to go home. My mom joked that when she booked the trip she was worried that 10 days with each other was too long. Happily, she was wrong. I think we all could have stayed another week. 
We spent our last day at K'aanapali beach and enjoyed a relaxing day of sandcastles (duh!), attempting to snorkeling, cliff jump and paddleboard (it was super windy), body surfing, reading, laying out, and eating what was left of the ginormous bag of Doritos my mom bought at Costco. 

I felt bad for Cole. Every time he built a sandcastle, Ev would promptly destroy it. 

Me, "body surfing."
 Nick quickly informed me that you have to ride the wave, not let it push you further up the beach ... like a whale.

Darc got so tan in Hawaii that you couldn't even see her freckles anymore. Props Darc, you finally look like a Kardashian.
Also, I get weirdly jealous when my sisters take pictures without me. They claim I have FOMO, but anyone who knows me, knows that I simply cannot have FOMO.

Diaper Bum.

Caption for this photo:
Kooling Off With the Kardashians on K'annapali.

I'm seriously curious why Hallmark hasn't offered me a job.

Despite Ev's face here, she totally digs the sand.
(Get it?! Haha)

Sibling love + double rainbow = best picture ever

Actually, this might be the best picture ever.  
Brent - hahahahahahahaha!

Double rainbow!

I've actually had a blast posting so many pictures on the blog. I got to relive one of our best family vacations ever. I understand why people complain about their families and I feel terribly sorry for people who don't have a happy family situation, but I would never ever ever give up my fam - they are the bomb. You are welcome to crash a Smart party, but you can't have them as your family, because I'm just not willing to share them. 
And a special shout out to Kris and Bruce for footing the bill. You spoil us ... and we know it! (Dad this could be a future family motto...)
Thanks for putting up with such Krazy Kardashian Kids.


Rachey Elder said...

That pic of Brent is seriously hilarious. Glad you guys had a blast. I love love all of your beach pics and you all make me jealous at your perfectly tan skin! Talk about babes to the Max. Also, I was just catching up on your other posts and I loved your one about routines, I seriously felt like I was welling up! You are such a cute mom and that post was just so real and true. Little Ev doesn't know how lucky she is:)

Destiny said...

I've enjoyed seeing all your pics! I'm super jealous of your 10 day vacay! Maybe next time I'll come crash the party!

MaryJane said...

I loved the whole series of posts. Seriously so much fun to feel a part of the Smart Christmas Vacation. Tell your dad I'll pay my own way if he lets me go next time!

Darrell said...

We're all spoiled and for many reasons.