Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello Helicopter, You've Prepared Me for Sean Lowe

We took a snorkeling trip on a boat. Don't ask me what kind, it was a big boat that held a lot of people.
We saw a plethora of whales, lots of fish, a couple sea turtles, and a whole lotta butt crack.
Is it just me, or does less than 1% of the population look good in a string bikini? You'd think that people would wear functional swimwear when snorkeling, swimming, and diving.
Oh no, that would be too intelligent for the average person. Apparently, the less you wear, the more attractive you are. I will keep that in mind next time I go snorkeling. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post any pics on the blog since we like to keep this family friendly. 

The kiddos did great on the boat. They loved watching the whales and eating pineapple.

Here is an example of an appropriate and tasteful exposure of the bum:

My Dad (with the help of Shea) won the trivia game on the boat.
I bet you can't guess what we won! ...
Give up?
A T-shirt. In size American (XXXL).

As a Rose Lover, I've often contemplated what it would be like to take a helicopter ride over a tropical location with a sexy man dipped in liquid spray tan. 
Guys, its all its cracked up to be.
Being up in the sky is like being high on crack.
Say crack again.

This guy was rad ... and his name was Brad.

Nerdiest parents award.

Nerdiest person award.

Hamming it up for the paparazzi.
(Kim wrote the book on paparazzi)


Tiffany said...

Nick has officially become the whitest I have ever seen him. Wow. I need sunglasses he is so bright. ;)

ellen said...

Those kids are cute. And you guys are tan!

Darrell said...

Kind of surprised you didn't demand to fly the chopper.