Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kim Goes Granola

Some of you may know my sister Kim Kardashian. 
It is well known that Kim lives in London, jet-setting from country to country, posing for mags, and living the life. Luckily for us hairy people in Eugene, Kimmy ditched Kanye and the paparazzi to come hang with us for a whole week!

We decided to show Kim what goes on in Eugene on a Saturday.

It involves A LOT of tie-dye. 

We walked around the Eugene Market, saying no thank you to the marijuana sellers and doing our best to say no to the tie-dye wearers. 

I begged Nick to buy me this:

"The Mushroomery."

Would you like to buy fresh produce from a stand called "Tricerapots?"
Me too.

Fresh honey and bee's wax candles.

Ban the Bag guy. He's out here every Saturday protesting the use of plastic bags.

Nick had school, so during the days Kim helped me with Ev. We went to the park, shopped, and I showed Kim Eugene's finest.

This girl has NO FEAR on the slide.

Ev has a habit of pouring her snacks out in her lap. She thinks it's funny.
I however, find nothing funny about it.

Library singing time is one of Ev's favorite things to do. She doesn't participate much, but she loves to listen to Melissa play the guitar and watch the other kids sing along.

Still obsessed with brushing her teeth. Kim, you should probably get yourself a new toothbrush.

This picture is so "us." 
This is usually what Nick comes home to.
Kudos to him for still loving us anyway.

My parents came down for a few days too.
We took them to Off the Waffle. It is my favorite restaurant in Eugene. Its European-style street waffles with glorious toppings and fresh squeezed OJ.

My cousin Jack is a 1L at U of O Law so he came with us.

Kim and I split. I got my usual - the sweet funk machine (pears, gorgonzola cheese, wildflower honey, and pecans) and Kim got the BMT (Bacon, basil and harvarti cheese).


Nick got something with a lot of chocolate, whipped cream, and berries.

The fresh squeezed juice is so deliciously pulpy. 

Ev is still obsessed with her blankets, but a new something has joined the mix. Nick let her pick out a toy at the airport when we flew to California. She picked a hideous "ugly doll," that she calls "Guy."

He goes EVERYWHERE with us. Our Christmas card will likely say:
Love, The Jordans
Nick, Sydney, Evelyn, and Guy

My mom fishtailed my hair! I was so excited that my hair was A) Done and B) Not in a ponytail or down and straight. 
I've been working on learning how to do hair since I am growing it out before the big chopperoo, but its easier not to do it. Yay, me.

Its also been very cheetahlicious around our house these days.
Is everybody else just loving the cheetah all over as well? I can't get enough of it.

Still my popsicle lover.

Ev looks weird here, but I like this picture of me, so its going on the blog! 

Come back Kim! We miss you terribly.


Rachey Elder said...

Um, I'm totally jelly that I don't live closer to that Waffle place! That looks amazing! That is so fun Chels came to visit, I love her. Also, reading your blog made me feel better about the blog I literally just posted like 2 minutes ago. I NEVER DO MY HAIR ANYMORE. Anyways, you're all beautiful. I love Ev's yellow shirt:)

Cassandra Worthington said...

Oh my goodness she is getting so big! And even more beautiful if that's even possible! You look great too Syd, I'm the worst at doing hair!
Also--having Guy in your Christmas card--very funny. It's hard to discuss all I like about your post and make these comments sound coherent, but basically, I loved it all, and I laughed out loud. Great stuff.

Amanda Jeffs said...

Eugene farmers markets look AWESOME! Looks like fun was had :)

chelsea said...

I think I'm still high from the fumes of the Saturday market but seriously I LOVED Eugene. Mostly because you guys live there but thanks for being such great hosts!! Love ya, Kim