Sunday, September 23, 2012


Every Labor Day the J. Reuben Clark Society (aka Mormon) Law students/families go to the Oregon coast. We picnic, freeze to death, watch our kids eat several cups of sand, and have one heck of a time. 

Last year Ev cried hysterically from the moment we stepped foot on the sand to the moment we walked through our apartment door. (In case you are wondering that is about 6.3 hours of crying)
I also pumped 2 bottles of breastmilk to the sound of crashing waves.
Nothing says enjoyable family getaways like the sounds of the Medela Freestyle amongst the wincing pains of a first time mom while simultaneously smelling the Sea Lions and realizing that no, your husband is not to blame for the deathly aromas you are inhaling. 

In contrast, Labor Day 2012 was a success. It involved minimal crying and like I said, lots of sand eating. Ev loved being free to run wherever she pleased all day.
Perhaps I may suggest holding sacrament meeting on the beach?
It would cut Nick's migranes in half and allow me to wear heels to church again.

Seriously though, the coast was fun. I love all the Law People.

(Not me and Matt, though Matt is an awesome guy - but if I had to choose to marry a Vickery, I would choose Emma because she makes the MOST AMAZING APPLE COBBLER on Earth and she'd do Yoga with me everyday)

Look at these two!
(William is giving the camera "The Smolder.")

We're adorable, I know.

The Vickerys.

We made smores around the campfire, chased our kids, and chatted about how much we missed each other all summer. Oh, and we may have stopped at Mo's!

Here's to another year of Law School...

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