Saturday, September 15, 2012


Until I was 20 years old, the only condiment that I would EVER eat was ketchup. I still hate 90% of condiments, but thanks to Nick I will now eat BBQ sauce.
I also love pesto more than my left arm.
But that's about it.
Anyway, this post is about the other kind of ketchup - catch up.

I'm so clever!

Thinking about catching up on this blog makes me want to dry heave, but I will do it! 

The last weekend before school, we flew to California to see Nick's cousin Clarke who got home from his mission. It was a blasty-blast. The OC never disappoints! (Pretty sure Nick would punch me in the face if I said "OC" in front of him) But I have a deep connection with Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood, so I'll say "OC" whenever I want.*

*TRUE STORY: My freshman year of BYU, we (my roommate and five best girlfriends) moved the couch from the 2nd floor shared living space into one of our rooms so we could comfortably watch The OC. (Have you ever tried to fit 6 girls on one twin bed? No bueno) Anyway, we would skip class, eat pints of Ben and Jerry's, and cry when Summer kissed Seth in the spiderman suit. If I twittered, or tweeted or whatever its called, I would say something like this about those moments: #glorydayseventhoughwewerefat. 

Anyway, Clarke returned from Honduras honorably and it was so fun to see everybody.
He gave a slam dunk Homecoming talk and was surprising normal for an RM. 

The guys went on a man date to the golf course. (Thank goodness I'm not a man because I think golf is the MOST BORING THING ON THE PLANET. Also, Tiger Woods I hate you)

We brought a toddler to California with us.

Evie's favorite food is french fries. No food can compete with them. She LOVES them.
She might have eaten an entire container of In-N-Out fries.
What a fatty - except she's a peanut, so that doesn't really make sense.

Ev loves her aunties almost as much as she loves her Grandma.
And she loves her Grandma almost as much as she loves her Grandma's dog.

Nick's family has a dog named Bentley.
And Evie is obsessed with him. She shrieks whenever he is near and tries to pet him while simultaneously poking his eyes out. Its hilarious.

We went to the mall so Ev could ride the carousel.
She liked it for about thirty seconds.

Jordan/Andersen Clan.



The Evies!

Is this worthy of a Christmas card or what?

Come November, I'll be begging for some California sun.


Kiley said...

That time on the stolen couch in my room was awesome. How we passed any classes that semester was a miracle. You look so good in these pics! Such a hot mom. Miss you!

Rachey Elder said...

Your hash tag made me cackle, you're too funny! I wish we'd hung out more when you lived here:( the trip looked fun and you, Nick and Ev are cuties like always! P.S. I wish I had your skin!!!

Amanda Jeffs said...

How are you so tan and live in Oregon?!

Looks like fun!